UK Column News - 26th October 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.

New Cabinet

00:23 Sunak understands
01:08 No red box for Matt Hancock

War and energy

4:39 Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov says "Russia and Iran unite to spread terror"
5:53 Russia doubles down on Ukrainian dirty bomb concerns
8:53 Dear Mr President — 30 members of Congress demand a diplomatic end to the war
04:46 German Bild article: Premier of eastern state of Saxony wants Russian gas back
11:34 Gas reserves: Reopened offshore Rough storage facility is not what it seems — UK is in worst position of all

Nefarious agendas

14:00 Welsh mothers protecting young children from sexualisation at school
Podcastathon on 5 November to support the mothers' judicial review

15:02 Agenda 2030: Part 2 of Sandi Adams in-depth interview (links to Global Biodiversity Assessment can also be found at that link)

Collapsing healthcare

16:15 Soldier-turned-lawyer Steve Barclay is Health Secretary again (it didn't go well last time) — previous career in insurance and tackling money laundering

18:36 NHS workforce crisis is called a nightmare by NHS CEO: needs an extra £7,000,000,000 during financial crisis

19:35 NHS recruitment drive for pretty much anyone and everyone (Guardian)
To top it all, ambulance workers vote to strike and consultants (surgeons) may also strike
Meanwhile, NHS trusts paying hundreds of millions on private interest charges

Excess mortality

21:57 Celebrity DJ dies in his sleep aged 55
ONS reports all-cause mortality 15.9% above five-year average
Eurostat reports almost identical statistic Europe-wide

Jab debate fallout

25:26 Long-awaited Vaccine Harms debate at Westminster Hall, compelled by public petition
Hansard transcript of the debate
Newsflash: Two more Presentation Bills on the issue are due on 28 October and 2 December
Why wasn't your MP at the Westminster Hall debate? Ask them

41:38 Sky News — there will be no inquiry focus on vaccine damage
42:03 UK Column archives: Mark Sharman interview on the media and Covid-19
42:35 UK Column archives: Sir Christopher Chope MP interview
UK CV Family needs funding to assist the Covid jab-injured (also interviewed by UK Column)

How could MPs be so ignorant?

43:50 MPs’ woeful research via the "impartial" House of Commons Library

45:24 "Scientific" briefings written for MPs and Lords by POST — Bridging research and policy 
POST's April 2021 briefing on "Covid-19 vaccine misinformation"
Who staffs POST? Examples: Lorna Christie, Dr Sarah Bunn (Yakult interview)

Jabbing rolls on

54:21 Unknown long-term health effects of jab: Health problems mean it's working (CNN)
55:58 Protest was held outside MHRA on the day Liz Truss resigned
56:23 Daily Mail: Covid jab for babies by Christmas?

More healthcare revolutions

58:45 Molnupiravir deemed ineffective
59:50 MHRA Drug Safety update urges that Patient Information Leaflets be read
Hugely significant: MHRA changes the temperature range for storing Moderna Spikevax
Problems with this repeatedly highlighted by Hedley Rees, including to UK Column and in his book

1:03:20 Daily Mail: Twindemic to become tripledemic in USA, with addition of the eminently treatable syncytial virus (RSV)
1:05:12 An extra £1,800,000 for digital mental health tools — but no-one can define them yet
1:06:30 NHS Virtual Ward: Viewer e-mail from Stoke-on-Trent — yet recovering at home is unaffordable and impossible without thousands more community nurses

1:10:53 And Finally: Memes selected by Debi