Dutch German Panzerbatallion
It appears to be easier to tell the truth about EU military union in Rotterdam than in London.
Family photo of signatories to PESCO
Today was an "historic" day, according to EU High Representative Federica Mogherini. Today she got her military, her single point military budget, and her ability to prosecute wars overseas without the need to get the approval of national electorates.
The government and mainstream media here in Britain would have us believe Brexit is a chaotic disaster. Yet, behind the scenes, the military unification policy is progressing as planned, and at pace.
Nimrods Destroyed
There was no 'error'. The scrapping of Nimrod put the nuclear deterrent at grave risk of detection and targeting by hostile powers, at a time when the very same Conservative government which scrapped it is repeatedly warning of the growing capability and aggression of the Russian submarine fleet.
The top brass offer highly unconvincing explanations for the brand destruction of the British military.
The surviving veterans of Operation BANNER number over a hundred thousand. Many of them are now turning out on the streets outside the Houses of Parliament as they wake up to HM Government's policy of appeasement of Marxist terrorism and the EU military union-driven brand destruction of HM Armed Forces.
HM Government's front man for the loss of the Nimrods and our last aircraft carriers is 'delighted' to hold a jamboree with a change agent from the Rada who made her name by promising to streak through the streets of Kiev. While she was in London, the change agent also took a selfie with Theresa May.
A briefing by Strategic Defence Initiatives on the EU's subversion of the British military.
LONG READ: Under cover of the Brexit trade negotiations, the real trade deal has just happened. Nobody said anything about it; nobody knew about it.
Strategic Defence Initiatives' submission to MPs describes at length how HM Armed Forces have been betrayed, how they are being denied workable British equipment by MoD policy, and how they continue to be amalgamated into EU military union despite the irrelevance of Brexit.