Cameron's Franco British Defence Pact Undermines UK's Independent Strategic Nuclear Defence Capability

The UK Column has warned for many years that British military capability is to be deliberately undermined and run down so as to force the United Kingdom into inter-dependence with Europe in order to provide realistic and capable defence.

Key to this policy is the weakening and ultimately, the removal of Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent, which is delivered by the Royal Navy’s nuclear Vanguard class ballistic missile submarines. Armed with 16 Trident Ballistic Missiles, which can each carry multiple warheads, these submarines are based at Faslane on the west coast of Scotland.  

Faslane provides a strategic and protected base for the nuclear deterrent submarine fleet, since it gives the boats easy access to deep water in the Atlantic, as well as a secure and defendable operating and maintenance base.

Loss of the base, and its strategic capability for nuclear submarine operations, would significantly undermine the overall UK nuclear capability. A fact that Cameron is hiding from the British public.

Normally reliable sources maintain that Prime Minister Cameron is forging an agreement with Alex Salmond that in the event that Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, the Faslane nuclear base will remain in place as a Sovereign Base Area - effectively this means the base area will be sovereign English territory within Scotland.

European sources have previously indicated that Britain is to be stripped of nuclear weapons, leaving European inter-continental nuclear defence capability in the hands of the French.

Many people consider that David Cameron is a devious and untrustworthy politician, particularly where our national defence is concerned.

Happy for British troops to die in unlawful wars Iraq and Afghanistan, Cameron has consistently cut defence spending and capability behind their backs, without any dialogue within parliament.

The UK Column revealed in early 2011 that Cameron’s 50 year defence pact with the French was hatched behind closed doors with the Franco British Council - a charity supposedly set up to foster good relations between Britain and France.

Surprisingly for the British public, Franco-British Defence Cooperation was discussed in secret meetings co-chaired by Baroness Taylor former UK minister for defence equipment and Xavier Pintat Senator of the French Defence Committee.

No minutes were produced for the meetings, held within the Franco British Council in Paris.

It is also significant that the secret talks were ahead of the UK’s Strategic Defence Review, which slashed British defence capability, and were also ahead of Camerons 50 year defence treaty.

Under the treaty, Britain is currently reduced to sharing French aircraft carriers, since Royal Navy carriers have been scrapped by the Conservative government.

Joint submarine operations meanwhile, have resulted in a underwater collision between the ballistic nuclear submarines HMS Vanguard and Le Triomphant in 2009. No explanation of this dangerous collision has ever been given to the British public.

Our defence team predict that unless the treason of Cameron in destroying our armed forces is rapidly checked, British defence capability will be so weakened in the next 5 years that we will be unable to defend this country.

Concerned military sources report that French penetration of UK military command, control and communications is already causing dangerous disruption to operations at strategic and local level.

Meanwhile the Royal Navy is making highly trained Non Commissioned officers redundant, and the Army is being cut to levels described as untenable in the event of European military threats to Britain.