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    In the NZ Herald (10 June 2021) – via Crypto News (to bypass the paywall) – there was an interesting comment in a business article:

    “Global marketer a2 Milk’s recovery ran out of puff after falling 18c or 2.93 per cent to $5.97, impacted by a competitor’s comments in China. Feihe, China’s largest infant formula maker, said sales would drop sharply in the next one to two years since many women cannot bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination – and thus delaying births.”

    The text quoted was just put forward as if it were an entirely unproblematic fact of life.

    Would be interesting to know WHY that company believes that to be true, and where they got any relevant information.
    Does anyone know if this is a widespread view in China?

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    Thanks Fleur that’s disturbing. Seems ‘they’ all know the purpose of the jabs. Thanks to good people speaking out, this is not the case now.

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