UK Column News - 7th June 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Bird Flu: The Same Old RT-PCR Virus Play

00:22 World Health Organisation (WHO): Human infection caused by avian Influenza A(H5N2)—Mexico

Results from Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) of a respiratory sample collected and tested at INER on 24 April indicated a non-subtypeable influenza A virus

The University of Edinburgh: Lowered red meat intake would hit climate goals

European Union: European Commission: Farm to Fork Strategy—Food Safety


E. coli and Cryptosporidium

06:04 Debi Evans (on X): 6 June 2023—I predicted it in my blog ⁦a year ago

ITVX: UK-wide E.coli outbreak: What do we know so far?

GOV.UK: E. coli advice issued amid rise in cases (Published 6 June 2024)

Thames Water: Long-term water quality strategy Cryptosporidium (PDF)

Daily Mail: Thames Water issues urgent 'do not drink' warning to hundreds of homes in Surrey after fuel leak—as locals in Devon battling parasite outbreak continue to boil their tap water as infections climb to 100

Evening Standard: Thames Water carries out tests after south London residents report sickness and vomiting

UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog, 6 June 2023

Could this be a warning of what is to come? If so, it could be that some parts of Western Europe, including the UK, could be about to see a rise in E. coli and cryptosporidosis, which also involves contaminated water and poorly tummies.


Another Globalist Becomes Head Of State

11:45 The B Team: Reports

The B Team: Halla Tómasdóttir

DW: Iceland: [Halla] Tómasdóttir reportedly wins tight presidential race

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism: Halla Tómasdóttir

Goals House (LinkedIn): Goals House's Post

We're celebrating the exciting news that Halla Tomasdottir has been elected as the 7th President of Iceland! 

As CEO of The B Team, she has been a dedicated participant at Goals House since its launch, and is a passionate champion for the Global Goals.

Reykjavík Global Forum (LinkedIn): Reykjavík Global Forum’s Post

We are delighted to welcome Halla Tómasdóttir as the President of Iceland! After an exciting election with three remarkable women leading the race, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Halla on your victory! 

LinkedIn: Rick Zedník


UK Column's First Un-Advert: MHRA Board Meeting, 9th July?

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GOV.UK: MHRA Board meetings in 2024 (9th July meeting cancelled?)


Lavrov In Africa—Who Is Threatening Whom?

27:11 Politico: Russia's foreign minister again visits Africa

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: Greetings to participants, organisers, and guests of the 27th St Petersburg International Economic Forum

Responsible Statecraft: Droning Russia’s nuke radars is the dumbest thing Ukraine can do 

The Telegraph: Pictured: HMS Prince of Wales full steam ahead in Nato training exercise 


mRNA To Replace Antibiotics? Taxpayers, Get Your Wallet Out

32:27 Antibiotic Guardian: Pledge to be an Antibiotic Guardian

Cedars-Sinai: Antibiotic Resistance

The King's Fund (2017): NHS If: What If Antibiotics Stopped Working?

World Health Organisation (YouTube): Preventing antimicrobial resistance together 

World Health Organisation (WHO): UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on antimicrobial resistance 2024

Imperial College London (2023): UK Government backs Fleming Centre to fight threat of drug resistant infections

GOV.UK: £85 million pledged to tackle antibiotic emergency

LabourList: ‘Antimicrobial resistance: the biggest health challenge of our time

GOV.UK (2019): UK 20-year vision for antimicrobial resistance

GOV.UK: The Global AMR Innovation Fund

Lion's Head Global Partners: Services

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Keith Klugman

FIND (YouTube): Prof. Dame Sally Davies: Preventing antimicrobial resistance together

GOV.UK: Confronting antimicrobial resistance 2024 to 2029

e-Bug: Evidence-based teaching resources

Pathology In Practice: MHRA proposes framework for international recognition of medical devices

GOV.UK (Blogs): Antimicrobial resistance: How we're supporting innovative solutions to a looming global health emergency

Medscape: Antibiotics in Pregnancy Linked to Dermatitis in Babies

University of Oxford: Novel triple drug combination effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

ResearchGate: The Triple Combination of Meropenem, Avibactam, and a Metallo-β-Lactamase Inhibitor Optimizes Antibacterial Coverage Against Different β-Lactamase Producers

National Institutes of Health (NIH 2022): Will the mRNA vaccine platform be the panacea for the development of vaccines against antimicrobial resistant (AMR) pathogens?

Antibiotic Research UK (2021): Using mRNA Vaccines for Antibiotic Resistant Infections


What’s Imperial College Up To Now? Defence, Science and Technology Lab at Porton Down and Bioweapons Facility

48:23 Andy Wilkins (LinkedIn): “Leading systemic innovation in healthcare” Executive Education Programme at Imperial

Its [sic] the end of the 2nd [sic] day of the 5 day [sic] Imperial College "Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare" executive education programme and what a couple of days it has been! We promised delegates that this would be a programme like no other and so far I think we are delivering on our promise!

BBC: Snow in June on Scotland's mountains as Arctic air sweeps in

Met Office (on X): Met Office’s Post

While it may not have felt like it for many, with sunshine in short supply, provisional figures show May and spring were the warmest on record for the UK. 

The Guardian (2020): 'Overwhelming and terrifying': the rise of climate anxiety

BBC: GB energy firm would secure future jobs, says Labour

Keir Starmer (on X): Keir Starmer’s Post

With Great British Energy, my changed Labour Party will close the door on Putin.

The Guardian: Lammy and Healey visit Ukraine to say Labour would keep up UK’s backing

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: World Economic Forum opens the world's second Global Government Technology Centre in Kyiv


And Finally: George Monbiot Says General Elections Are A Travesty of Democracy

56:00 The Guardian: General elections are a travesty of democracy

Britannica: The Bravo novel by Cooper

Daily Mail: New Bridget Jones film is being shot on the site of school falsely accused of running a satanic paedophile ring

Defence Eye: UK Pays to Mitigate Wind Farm Radar Effects

Nearly a billion pounds has been set aside to mitigate the effect of offshore wind farms on the Royal Air Force’s network of early warning radars.