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    A message from Dr Kevin Corbett of the British Nursing Alliance.

    Co-Founders Dr Kevin Corbett and Kate Shemirani have created the British Nursing Alliance for qualified nurses who have or want to speak out, with a view to forming a new nursing register for those who are taking this risk.

    Qualified Nurses can join here:

    Disclaimer: I am not great at typing and have not got a secretary.
    With age I care less about triviality as no-one makes it out alive.
    Have a jolly good time

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    Thanks CP Dr Corbett was at the fore front of the H I V problem as I have posted the the WHO were involved in that one as well driving this one ,Dr Corbett could see the people who were misdiagnosed as having AIDS and again had that put on the death certificate ,with the same script this take over has gone up to the most obvious fraud ever since since 9/11 the little old crone is handing out those poisoned apples to send the whole world to sleep for 100 years ,the coordination of world Governments in this has reveled that the way people thought the World worked was nothing like the way it really doe-s ,my present worry is how many people can see and how many people are falling for the Rich Trick to get them more wealth and power. KORF


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    Wabbits, East Sussex
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    I like this idea. Rather like Prof.Cahill’s alternative airline travel idea, it’s about creating a parallel system – Free Enterprise at its best. I think it could be done to shame every governing body, business and service that have colluded in this lie. Why for instance do I get a similar worded recording on every phone service I ring? Insurance, bank, utilities etc. ‘there may be delays because of Covid’. Why?

    Non Digital Contact List: for more information or to join....
    Please send Private Message for details.

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    Lady Penelope
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    Found this on Utube this Discussion check it out>> Jackie is a good one to have on side good

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    We need to find a different system of carrying for the elderly without having to put them in elderly ghettos, nursing homes are recent business model concept .
    Mentions orphanages in Romania and in other less affluent countries the difference is that a lot was also sensationalised to get funding where lack of care has less to do with the training but has a lot to do with finances, while in the rich country , the neglect and malpractice has more to do with a profit making business and now a Logan’s run type scenario.
    What they have done over time , very cleverly , destroyed communities and families and we all went along with it for convenience , easy life with less responsibility etc .
    They conditioned people into consumerism and outsourcing looking after the children, elderly and sick. One has to look back at the value of communities and families historically and that still exists in less affluent countries.
    (Reminds me of Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War , based on Dr Vernon Colman book about nursing home but that was light comedy when things were not as bad ).

    Disclaimer: I am not great at typing and have not got a secretary.
    With age I care less about triviality as no-one makes it out alive.
    Have a jolly good time

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    Thanks lady Penelope, I dont think this video will remain on Utube for long, I get more than angry at how people are being treated by the nurses we pay for.
    respect for the elderly is a thing of the past, my family rallied around to care for my mom when she had cancer,
    a few years after she died my dad had a stroke, the family had better things to do than look after him my wife and I were delegated to care for him.he lived for three years.
    Then my mother in law who lived alone, with the onset of Alzheimer’s was given six months to live, so we took her in ,and she lived for six years ? “she was so hard to look after I could have killed her myself sometimes”
    I am no saint but I would never put a relative into a care home, I have seen what goes on in a few of them. I will never go in one.

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