Angela Lewis-Wright of The Freedom Alliance—Opposing the creeping totalitarianism in our lives

Angela Lewis-Wright describes her first steps into the public political realm, which grew out of her informed and instinctual responses to the Government's totalitarian reaction to Covid–19. In the absence of mainstream political opposition to that tyranny, or even mainstream media questioning of the government narrative, she started to speak to family, to friends and then to her wider community. This led her to find a political home in the Freedom Alliance.

Her party, although rooted in resistance to the Covid–19 lockdown, now sees itself as the political wing of the freedom movement. It has thus seen its area of campaigning spread out from the Covid–19 policy of control to a wide range of issues: 15-minute cities, 20-minute neighbourhoods, 5G masts, traffic control and restrictions on travel, vaccine passports, the Online Safety Bill, and central bank digital currencies, to name only a few. Freedom has thus become a unifying theme and rallying point for the party.

Angela Lewis-Wright explains what a small party can achieve by communicating ideas and getting people involved and motivated to create something better. Essentially, she explains how it can offer a means for an individual to be heard. She summarises her party as people who have come together to oppose the creeping totalitarianism they see affecting their lives.

In addressing the principles on which her party is founded, Angela Lewis-Wright also describes what she considers real freedom to mean: the preservation of God-given, inalienable rights. In other words, freedom is creating a society where we can all live without governments, states and councils controlling the minutiae of our lives; instead living freely, employing the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.