In 2001, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease decimated British farming. It broke up communities right across the country, particularly in Devon, Cumbria and the North of England.

The scale of the destruction was completely avoidable. The policy of “slaughtered on suspicion” was a crime.

In 2013, Malcolm Massey and Patrick Henningsen spoke to some of those affected. This documentary was the result of that work. It has never been released to the public, but has been shown at private viewings around the country.



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  1. laudy 5 years ago

    Slaughtered On Suspicion
    This is a well research and presented documentary.
    It is clear from the facts given; the plan to destroy British animal farming was the goal at the behest of EU dirty food giants.
    I saw this at BCG Conference and think it needs to get out there to a wider audience.

  2. redhand 5 years ago

    Very informative.

    Richard Mawsley’s claims at 16:50 onwards about the EU’s plans are _exactly_ what has been said for years about a 1942 German plan to reduce Britain to tourism and put the agriculture in France.

    The general drive to get rid of the small farmer is something which Dutch and Belgian agriculture ministers stated in terms in the post-war decades. This has been well documented in books such as ‘Hoe God verdween uit Jorwerd’ by Geert Mak and in film footage of 1950s Belgian politicians haughtily informing the small farmer that he must disappear. It just took forty years longer for the plan to hit Britain than had been envisaged.

  3. massive passive 5 years ago

    Such a well researched documentary. Many thanks to all involved in bringing forward the truth denied to us by our dictatorship. It’s more proof of the dismantling of Great Britain by the criminal EU. I was always suspicious about the foot and mouth ‘epidemic’ and this is a blatant example of the sheer folly of not securing our own food security.

  4. Martin Edwards 5 years ago

    I had almost forgotten the horror of the events of 2001. A harrowing documentary that smacks you hard in the face. Damning of the establishment who failed in their duty of care to the agricultural industry and stole something valuable from each and every one of us. A decade and a half later and the British countryside has become further blighted by all those wind turbines. I take my hat off to the team. This needs to go viral.

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