UK Column News - 30th June 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson present today's UK Column News update, including:

START    propagandised students depressed because of the Brexit
2:17    satire of Theresa May & the state of British border policy
3:12    prolonged slowdown for City jobs after EU referendum vote
3:59    Boris Johnson standsdown from Prime Ministerial race
4:58    Oliver Letwin – ‘This man is running the country...’
6:14    the role of abuse networks in establishment politics
7:57    a profound corruption throughout the British State
10:42    treasonous proclamations from Michael Fallon MP
14:37    bilateral subversion via the Franco British Council
18:23    nauseating lies from NATO Kosovo Force initiative
21:27    geopolitical breakdown of transnationalist constructs
22:25    a massive online innovation community : one purpose
25:51    the ASEAN Leaders Programme & Smart Cities drive
27:48    infantile training schemes used to destroy the intellect
31:52    a sinister case of indecent exposure at a police summit
35:26    Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture
38:15    integration of social services into the education system
39:42    Cryptome : a wikileaks equivalent without the fanfare