UK Column News - 8th May 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


Antimicrobial Resistance: The Big Talking Point

00:20 The Telegraph: AstraZeneca withdrawing Covid vaccine worldwide

NHS England: Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

GOV.UK: A look back at the UKHSA annual conference for 2023

GOV.UK: New 5-year plan to combat antimicrobial resistance 

GOV.UK: Chief Medical Officer on the Amesbury nerve agent incident

[…] wash your clothes and wipe down any personal items, shoes and bags with cleansing or baby wipes before disposing of them in the usual way


Bluetongue Vaccines—Policies For Poison 

06:11 GOV.UK: Bluetongue virus risk set out for the year ahead—GOV.UK

BBC: Bluetongue farm virus warning for sheep and cattle as midges blown into UK

Farmers Guide: Farmers relieved as bluetongue spread now “highly unlikely”

GOV.UK: SFI annual health and welfare review

GOV.UK: Animal Health and Welfare Pathway

GOV.UK: Animal health and welfare items and specifications

You can increase your application score by 20% if you provide evidence that you’ve discussed your application with a vet.

UK Column Insight documentary: Slaughtered on Suspicion

GOV.UK: GB Bluetongue Virus Disease Control Strategy (PDF)

European Medicines Agency: Syvazul BTV 


Xi Jinping In Europe For First Time In 5 Years 

19:00 Reuters: Macron, von der Leyen press China's Xi on trade in Paris talks

Reuters: Chinese tariffs could leave cognac makers with too much brandy

Reuters: Companies invest in EV battery factories in Europe

State Council of the People’s Republic of China (English): Full text of Xi's signed article in French media


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UK Column article (March 2024): BBC’s ‘Local Democracy Service’ broadens mass media cartel’s monopolistic network

Glastonbury Event: The Lawful Remedy Roadshow: Self-Preservation for a Sovereign Life—Sunday 26th May 2024

UK Column interview: J. Michael Waller discusses his book Big Intel: How the CIA and FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains

Forthcoming UK Column interview: The Indoctrinated Brain: Michael Nehls MD PhD - Thursday 13:00

Event: Western Empire and The Great Reset: Saturday 11th May 10:30 am—The Steyning Centre, Fletcher's Croft, Steyning, Sussex

Forthcoming Documentary: The TRUST FALL: Julian Assange


Rafah Invasion 

29:58 Israel's government services and information website: Statement by PM Netanyahu on 7th May 2024

Middle East Eye: Israeli control of Rafah crossing blocks vital aid deliveries

Motasem A Dalloul (on X): 

The US asked Hamas to accept the ceasefire proposal, claiming its refusal is the only obstacle ahead of ending the genocide in #Gaza.  Hamas ACCEPTED the ceasefire. Israeli occupation rejected the proposal. The US said that Hamas undermined the proposal and has to make more concessions!

Common Dreams: 'This Is a Crime Against Humanity': 600,000 Children in Line of Fire as IDF Moves on Rafah

France24: US completes construction of Gaza aid pier


Local Elections With A Thin Veneer of Democracy

38:09 Association of Police and Crime Commissioners: Role of the PCC

GOV.UK: Police and crime commissioners

Institute for Government: Local elections 2024: Police and crime commissioners

UK Electoral Commission: Changes to the voting system for mayoral and PCC elections

Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC): Pre-election Period (Purdah) Guidance

For PCC Elections May 2021 (PDF)

Petersfield Post: Police commissioner agrees to questioning at Petersfield town meeting

Charles Malet notices the Conservatives’ campaign rosette

Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC): Submit a complaint

Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner: Donna Jones secures second term as Police & Crime Commissioner

Legislation: Fraud Act 2006: CHAPTER 35


Private Prosecution: What Do Police Actually Do These Days?

43:57 The Telegraph: Serial burglar first to be jailed following prosecution by private police force

TM Eye Ltd: The UK's Eye on the Street

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS): Private Prosecutions

GOV.UK: Police funding for England and Wales 2015 to 2024

GOV.UK: Government plan to save 38 million hours of police time


Online Safety Bill: ID Proof Online

48:01 Ofcom: Tech firms must tame toxic algorithms to protect children online

Sites and apps must introduce robust age-checks to prevent children seeing harmful content such as suicide, self-harm and pornography


Bluelink Geofence

50:11 GOV.UK: Vote of confidence in UK economy as British AI company Wayve secures over $1 billion to develop AI for self-driving vehicles 

Wayve: Solving the Long Tail: A New Paradigm in AV Safety with E2E AI

Scientific American (2022): Who Is Liable When AI Kills?

Verizon Connect: What is a Geofence?

GOV.UK: Finding the way forward: Location data to enable connected and automated mobility 

GOV.UK: Transport Location Data Competition brochure (PDF)

The Behavioural Insights Team: About Us

At BIT, we improve lives and communities by helping all levels of government, private sector and philanthropy businesses tackle their biggest challenges.

Tenth Amendment Center Blog: California Assembly Passes Bill to Restrict Geofence Location Tracking

MyHyundai: Bluelink Safeguard Alerts


Hamish De Bretton-Gordon On Chemical Weapons In Ukraine

55:10 The Telegraph: I’ve seen first hand how deadly Putin’s chemical weapons can be (Archived)

WikiSpooks: Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

New York Times: U.S. Accuses Russia of Using Chemical Weapons in Ukraine (Archived)

RTÉ: 'Insufficient' claim of chemical weapons use in Ukraine—watchdog


And Finally: Transporting Air Around The World...

59:40 GOV.UK: Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS): non-pipeline transport and cross-border CO2 networks