UK Column News - 7th November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Jabs: Not time to move on

00:29 MHRA #MedSafetyWeek press release risibly proclaims "swift follow-up" on Yellow Cards
02:33 All-cause mortality: ONS statistics remain grim
03:55 Prof. Richard Ennos: Study finds 17% higher miscarriage rate in the vaccinated but pretends it doesn’t
07:31 Washington Post: RSV, winter flu and Covid collide
11:34 The Atlantic's semantic antics: last year the unjabbed were literal human sacrificers, this year it's time for forgiveness
13:58 VAERS data, presented by OpenVAERS, indicates statistical concerns regarding miscarriage
15:46 Clip—German MEP Christine Anderson: It was all based on a gigantic lie
17:49 Clip—Matt LeTissier (recently interviewed by UK Column): "If we had an independent media, this crisis would have been over two and a half years ago”
Death certificates confirm Covid jab deaths
Cartoonist Bob Moran's take on the call for a Covid amnesty

West dictates terms of peace as Ukraine is dismembered

23:43 Recommended channel for line-of-control updates: Defence Politics Asia
27:01 White phosphorus reportedly used by Russian forces to remove dug-in Ukrainian troops in deserted built-up areas
Recommended channel on front-line arrival of Russian reserves: HistoryLegends
30:53 Not a wonder weapon: Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov trumpets arrival of obsolescent NASAMS and Aspide air defence systems
Newsweek and Raytheon gleefully raise false hopes
33:44 Western media carry on the tradition of Lord Copper's warmongering: Daily Mail's Andrew Roberts calls Putin a nuke-mad Führer
Greater honesty from Italy—La Repubblica: West demands another high-casualty 25-mile push to Kherson before letting Ukraine sue for peace
Summary of article: "USA and NATO allow peace talks on Ukraine to start if Kiev recaptures Kherson, the battle for which is of both strategic and diplomatic importance; Washington is in constant communication with Brussels and its allies on the issue, and has implored the Ukrainian authorities to do so"
Comparable analysis by Alex Christoforou of The Duran: Western strategists "once again drinking their own Kool-Aid"
How the Russians now view the British


Stopping the grooming of three-year-olds

Fundraiser still open for Welsh mothers against sexualisation at primary schools
Public Child Protection Wales
Louise Collins' Liberty Tactics
— Appearances on last weekend's fundraiser:
Founder Kimberley Isherwood
Brian Gerrish
Alex Thomson
James Delingpole
Laurence Fox (including his brief documentary, Groomed)
— Plea to turn up in Cardiff to show support during the Judicial Review on 15 and 16 November:
to find out how to register with the court, e-mail

US elections: What's digital can be diddled

40:44 Mark Anderson reports from the midterms campaign trail around the Great Lakes
42:10 Brookings broadsides: Think tank that is an "adjunct of the state" asks "how many election deniers" and "what do they want"
— Conflates "election denial movement" with "Covid denial"
51:56 Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC): article Honest Vote Watchdog has Warnings about ERIC at American Free Press
— Voters' social security numbers are being stored in third-party databases of uncertain allegiance
55:52 Mark Anderson's new article America in Distress on credible claims of 2020 presidential election fraud and smugness of British media

Lucrative earth religion—COP27

59:05 King Charles has the COP27 team visit the Palace: who briefed whom?
59:45 Greta Thunberg calls for the overthrow of "racist capitalism"
1:00:33 Britain considers paying "climate change reparations" to anyone anywhere who has a calamity
Track the tax money splurges at UK Column's FCDO Spending website and submit FoI requests accordingly
1:02:41 Sturgeon cuts Scotland's eco-budget and promptly poses at COP27
1:04:17 Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) is a forum of financial heavy hitters
1:05:18 How they stand to gain: Iain Davis' UK Column articles on The Not So Great Carbon Reset (two-parter) and accelerationism
1:05:50 Munich Security Conference spooks making much of COP27; Boris Johnson says Russia is stopping our fight against climate change
1:07:56 NoTrickZone reports Tokyo getting cooler (1989–2022); NASA 'adjusts' data from Tokyo and a Pacific island to suggest warming 


Economy: Grudging admissions of collapse

1:10:34 The Times: Sunak—The state can't fix all your problems, with odd talk of "sugar-rush budget"
Daily Telegraph warns of severe recession
Daily Telegraph also warns of renewed bond markets chaos
Financial Times jocularly hints that Modern Monetary Theory is dead; UK Column has a ten-episode podcast on MMT
World Gold Council's GoldHub reports that central banks have already bought more gold this year than in any year since 1967
Lack of sound money expressed in the dramatically shifting multiples of a year’s salary required to buy a house
And Finally: “Nothing that requires the labour of others is a human right”—trending aphorism