"This is not a game": Matt Le Tissier

In this unassuming and forthright interview, Matt Le Tissier, former Premier League footballer and England player, speaks on sport, the media, the Great Reset, vaccines, Coutts Bank, Covid, and good old-fashioned common sense.

Having lost his job as a sports commentator on Sky TV simply for asking questions that holed the government narrative, he found himself publicly labelled a conspiracy theorist.

Turning down offers of multi-million pound contracts, Le Tissier remained loyal to Southampton FC for the whole of his footballing career. Not reticent to question everything from an early age, he continues to challenge the narrative, the media and the ‘science’ behind the Covid-19 agenda. He regularly interviews many experts on his Gettr channel who find themselves censored by mainstream media and social media platforms.

Matt is also involved in many high-level meetings with major footballing organisations to inform them of his findings on serious adverse reactions after Covid-19 injections and his grave concerns about the unprecedented rise in cases of footballers collapsing on the pitch with breathing difficulties. Never in his prior career has he witnessed such a phenomenon. He is right to be concerned.

Something as simple as being able to lay head to pillow to enjoy a good night’s sleep is as precious to Matt Le Tissier as the oxygen he breathes. It is incomprehensible to him that anyone would not want the same. The game—whether it is football, tennis, golf or any other sport—has become a dangerous game for many. Athletes, managers, coaches and the fans themselves have been struck by adverse effects.

Sky TV’s loss is the UK Column’s gain. Matt Le Tissier gives an exclusive opinion on the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar. Matt’s army of supporters and truth seekers continue to grow rapidly. We thank him for being an ambassador for truth, a lone but powerful voice who refuses to play the Government’s game and who marches on to defend those unable to defend themselves. This is not a game; this is real.