UK Column News - 27th May 2024

Mike Robinson, Diane Rasmussen McAdie and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly: Day One “Get Vaccinated”

00:27 World Health Organization (WHO): Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly

World Health Organization (WHO): WHO Member States agree to share outcomes of historic IHR, pandemic agreement processes to World Health Assembly


Conservatives Announce National Service Plan, But Who Is Driving That Agenda?

12:00 Rishi Sunak (Facebook): A bold new model of National Service

Rishi Sunak (YouTube) National Service: Why I'll bring it back

Conservatives (on X): We'll introduce a bold new model of National Service

GOV.UK: Chief of the Defence Chatham House Security and Defence Conference 2024 keynote speech 

No one in the Ministry of Defence is talking about conscription in any traditional sense of the term.

Forces Network: Damning figures for UK military recruitment with 54% giving up on the process last year

UK Parliament: Capita's contracts with the Ministry of Defence

UK Column article (2016): Volunteers: Talent For The "New Class"

Suraj Bhanot (on X): 

Wtf. Why are CCHQ sending out shit media performers??? Throwing everything at this election except anything good

Peter Hitchens (on X):

[…] I have no hopes of the Tories, whom I despise. But a new Labour govt will be far, far worse, and permanent.

Use the hashtag #IndependentsDay


UKC Verify: Where Did Marianna Spring From? 

21:49 Press Gazette (2023): BBC unveils BBC Verify team of 60 journalists

LinkedIn: Marianna Spring—BBC News

Your Local Guardian (2010): Sutton school girl meets the Queen

Marianna Spring, 14, is a pupil at Sutton High School but has bagged time off school to work as a ball girl at Wimbledon and last Thursday she was chosen to present a posy of flowers to the Queen. 

Atlantic Books: Atlantic to publish Among the Trolls by Marianna Spring


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UK Column interview: Conservation of Education—Micah Siegel

Event: Tickets Scotland: Bring The Noise Podcast

UK Column interview: The Brave Spirit of Scotland—Scottish Vaccine Injury Group with Ruth O’Rafferty


Israel’s War On Gaza: Rafah Attacked

32:27 Hands off Rafah: End the genocide Emergency Rally—Tuesday 28th May, 6.00pm, opposite Downing Street, Whitehall, London

Al Jazeera: Israel’s war on Gaza live: Israeli army kills 46 people across enclave

Gilad Atzmon (on X): 

I’ll be happy to learn from #AIPAC #ISRAEL or the #IDF what is the exact ‘international law’ that makes the burning of dozens of displaced refugees in their tents into a ‘legal’ act…


The Killarney Declaration: Ireland's Stand Against the WHO Treaty

35:52 1215tribes: The Killarney Declaration (20th May 2024)

Eddie Hobbs on the Global Economic Summit, the wannabe WEF Davos event happened in Killarney Ireland on 20th May 2024 

Global Economic Summit: Global Economic Summit (Brought to you by Accenture)


What Is Woodnewton? Public Private ‘Philanthropic’ Partnership

45:28 UK Column article: Debi Evans Blog: 23rd May 2024

Woodnewton: We help you make better decisions

Strathprints (2013): "I could be on Facebook by now": insights from Canadian youth on online mental health information resources 

Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science: Volume 37, Number 3, September 2013

Strathprints (2018): Policy, practice, and research in e-mental health for Scotland (PDF)


Landmark US Ruling: Vaccine Mandates Discriminate Against Faiths That Oppose All Vaccinations

53:21 Colorado 'Hostile and discriminatory': 10th Circuit slams CU for treatment of religious vaccine exemptions 

Reuters: Mayo Clinic must face religious bias claims over COVID vaccine policy, court rules


No, Man-made Climate Change Is Not Increasing Turbulence Injuries 

59:47 The Daily Beast: Passengers Left ‘Shivering’ After Qatar Airways Turbulence Injures 12

UK Column News: 22nd May 2024: Maybe Turbulence Is Russian Plane Flu? (47:07)

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB): Preventing Turbulence-Related Injuries in Air Carrier Operations Conducted Under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121 (PDF)