UK Column News - 22nd May 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


Sunak Apologises For The Repeated Failure Of The State

00:21 Infected Blood Inquiry: The Inquiry Report

British Medical Journal (BMJ): Infected blood scandal: “Chilling” cover up hid truth for decades, public inquiry finds

UK Parliament: Hansard: Infected Blood

GOV.UK: PM statement on the Infected Blood Inquiry: 20 May 2024

UK Column search: Keyword: MHRA

UK Column featured: Playing God documentary by Jacqui Deevoy


Who Is Denying Genocide?

07:54 Axios: Biden says what's happening in Gaza isn't genocide amid ICC warrant request

CNN: ICC Chief Prosecutor explains why he's seeking arrest warrants for leaders of Hamas and Israel

RT News: 'I give you 24 hours to resign': First OPCW chief on how John Bolton bullied him before Iraq War (Mirror)

Axios: Johnson threatens ICC sanctions vote over Netanyahu arrest warrant application

Tom Cotton (on X): Video

The International Criminal Court’s moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas is outrageous. 

I’ve introduced legislation to sanction the ICC’s rogue prosecutor and his office.

The Hill (YouTube): RFK Jr Says There Is A 'GENOCIDE Against JEWS,' Not Gazans

Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): Video

The shocking wasteland that was once home to thousands of Palestinian families. Anyone arguing this is not genocide already checked out of Humanity.

Legislation: International Criminal Court Act 2001


The Real Reasons For Food Price Hikes

16:37 GOV.UK: Government unveils major package of farming and food sector support 

NFUonline: Precision Breeding Bill set into law after NFU [National Farmers' Union] campaigning

GOV.UK: UK food security index 2024

GOV.UK: Solar projects must fit in with food security

John Pettigrew (LinkedIn): Transforming the supergrid of the 1950s to a network built on an electrified future for generations to come

GOV.UK: Report dead wild birds

GOV.UK: Bird flu (avian influenza) vaccination task force

GOV.UK: How we work with partners to push the boundaries of vaccine R&D

Seqirus (US): CSL Seqirus—A World Leader in Influenza Vaccines


Update And Announcements

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UK Column interview: Conservation of Education—Micah Siegel

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Ruth O'Rafferty—Scottish Vaccine Injury Group—Thursday 23rd May at 1 pm

Brian Gerrish (YouTube): Walking the Dog: Episode 4

Event: Tickets Scotland: Bring The Noise Podcast

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May


Assange Remains In Prison

27:27 WikiLeaks (on X): Post

An important, if partial, victory"—Tariq Ali News breaks down the "appalling and vindictive" campaign against Julian #Assange, naming names along the way: #LetHimGoJoe

New York Post: Biden ‘considering’ ending Julian Assange case—after Trump also flirted with idea 


Global Response After Ebrahim Raisi’s Death

28:48 HUM News: Türkiye’s President holds emergency meeting amidst coup warning 

RT News: Man arrested over ‘death threat’ to Serbian president (mirror site)

The Independent: Americans arrested after leading coup to overthrow government in Congo as US vows to cooperate in investigation

Aljazeera: Macron heading to New Caledonia as France deploys more troops amid unrest

Wall Street Journal: Helping the Iranian People After Ebrahim Raisi’s Death

Telegraph: The West must strike now, and collapse the Iranian regime (Archived)

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI): UANI is a nonprofit and non-partisan policy organization formed to combat the threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Cradle: Iranians flood streets in remembrance of Ebrahim Raisi

Piers Morgan Uncensored (YouTube): Full interview: Professor Defends Dead Iran President Raisi


Introducing Børge Brende

38:52 Bloomberg: World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab Stepping Down by 2025

Yahoo Finance: WEF president: WEF president: ‘It’s time to revitalize trade—and reverse the trend of Slowbalization’

The World Economic Forum: Børge Brende—Agenda Contributor

Bilderberg Meetings: Participants: Brende, Børge (NOR), President, World Economic Forum 


UK Weather Modification Covered By National Security Censorship

40:34 ARIA: Managing our climate and weather through responsible engineering v1.0 (PDF)

Legislation: Advanced Research and Invention Agency Act 2022

Legislation: Advanced Research and Invention Agency Act 2022: Paragraph 17

Google Research: Project Contrails: Preventing Contrails with AI

University of Reading: Change Climates

GOV.UK: The Regulation of Geoengineering (PDF)

Petition: Make all forms of 'geo-engineering' affecting the environment illegal


UKC VERIFY: Maybe Turbulence Is Russian Plane Flu? 

47:07 BBC: Flight turbulence: What is it, when does it happen and why?

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB): Preventing Turbulence-Related Injuries in Air Carrier Operations Conducted Under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 121 (PDF)


Abortions, The Good Law Project and Mermaids

50:52 UK Parliament: Hansard: Foetal Sentience Committee Bill [HL] 

Lord Moylan (on X): Post

Pretty gutted that my Private Member’s Bill has been wrecked by amendments tabled by Lady Thornton and Lady Liz Barker on behalf of the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats front benches. The amendments mean there’s no Parliamentary time to pass the Bill (which is their intention).

UK Parliament: MPs and Lords: Contact Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws

Right To Life UK (on X): Post

Lady Sheila Lawlor reveals the real reason why abortion lobby groups strongly oppose the Foetal Sentience Committee Bill.

Opponents of a Committee “fear that it will, as the science develops, find more and more evidence that foetuses, as they like to regard them...

GOV.UK: Abortion statistics in England and Wales

GOV.UK: Abortion statistics, England and Wales: 2021

GOV.UK: Abortion statistics for England and Wales: January to June 2022

Good Law Project (2023): Dark money anti-abortion group ramps up activity in the UK


Mermaids UK: Mermaids, leading UK LGBTQ+ charities and Good Law Project appeal the LGB Alliance’s charity status


PREPARE For A New Fear-Feeding Government Tool

59:57 GOV.UK: Prepare Campaign

The information on this site is designed to help you prepare for emergencies, be more informed about hazards, and get involved in activities to support yourself and your community before, during and after an emergency.