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Debi Evans Blog: 23rd May 2024

Thank you to all who have expressed their horror over my situation with South West Water and Cornwall Council. Mike Robinson let me off the leash during UK Column News Extra on 17th May to explain what happens behind South West Water’s customer service doors. I have a self-awarded PhD in the subject. It has been the longest fight and biggest learning curve of my life. I have spent a third of my life fighting a water company (a private company) and Cornwall Council (a supposedly publicly owned body). It is an example of what goes wrong in public-private partnerships. No one wants to take responsibility; quite frankly, no one gives a *shit*. Pardon the pun. Please bear in mind I am a repeated and regular sewer flood victim, and sewage is poo.

‘Private’ water companies (the clue is in the name) that are performing a ‘public’ (there’s another clue) duty appear to be exempt from any obligation to provide any information. Local authorities are delighted to apportion blame and responsibility to someone else (it really doesn’t matter who) and they effectively get let off many hooks. At the same time, people like me get caught in the crossfire. Not me guv. Nothing to see here. When Professor Sir Chris Whitty told everyone to stay at home, he didn’t appear concerned when I informed him that dirty masks were floating through my kitchen, as were tampons. Perhaps the so-called ‘virus’ was killed by poo and I was safe after all? (rolls eyes)

Is your home on the dirty house register (DG5), otherwise known as the OFWAT sewer flood risk register? Did you even know it existed? You won’t find out unless you ask your water company, or unless you try to sell your home and it comes up on a search. Even if you personally have not been sewer flooded, if someone else in your postcode has, your home may also have been registered. 

Cornwall Council have been busy approving planning applications. As a result, four huge housing estates have been built above me. In case you didn’t know, water companies are not statutory consultees in planning decisions. It appears no one needs to know if the existing overwhelmed drinking water feeds and sewers can cope with extra demand. (They can’t). But, seemingly, it doesn’t matter. Connect the new houses anyway and worry about it later. Housing developments cannot be built without adequate water supplies. Fact.

Drinking Water

From where is your water coming? Do you know? Who owns the pipes? Who inspects the pipes? How often? Do the local authority and water company even know where their pipes are and who owns them? I can answer no, they don’t. I had to map all our waste and water assets because no one else had maps. All the authorities now use my maps.

In some areas of Cornwall, there is a network of subterranean pipes running for miles that no one inspects, maintains, or is aware of, least of all the residents who trust that what comes out of their taps is coming from a South West Water asset. Wrong! There is a ‘ghost network’ that no one wants to talk about. Do you own it, Cornwall Council? Residents in Hayle have been crying out for help for years, but like the network, they are ghosted.

For anyone coming to Cornwall, do be aware that if you return home with a dodgy tummy, you don’t have to look far to see where you may have got it from. And if you get a dodgy tummy whilst you are here, don’t expect too much help from health professionals. We have a 500,000 population with one hospital, which appears to be permanently on OPEL alert and serves the whole county. In summer, we get 5 million visitors; you do the maths. Visitors have previously been told to bring their own medical kits and contact their own GPs back home for advice if they get sick.

It’s not all pasties and cream down here in the southwest. As beautiful as Cornwall may appear, there is a dark side to it. My thoughts are with all those in Devon currently poorly from cryptosporidium contamination in their water supply. Cornwall will never forget Camelford. And who knows about Hepatitis E? We have that too. If you feel lonely on the beach, don’t be, because you’ll probably have E. coli for company. And if your favourite delicacies are locally harvested mussels, do remember they are filter feeders.  Enjoy!


So much for climate change and the planet heating up. It’s May, but the cold, wet weather we are experiencing here in the UK is being blamed for a sharp rise in cases of norovirus.

Known normally as the winter vomiting bug, the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have issued a warning for anyone suffering from it to stay at home. Rest assured that the UKHSA is keeping a close eye on the situation.

Does the UKHSA seriously think that anyone with norovirus is well enough to go to work? Most sufferers end up chained to a toilet for the duration of the illness. Apparently, alcohol gels, whilst successful in killing coronaviruses [tongue in cheek], are ineffective against noroviruses, so hand washing with good old-fashioned soap and water is recommended. Unless, of course, you are living in an area that supplies contaminated water [raises eyebrow].


Wegovy: not just for obesity

Although I have previously covered Wegovy, the latest weight loss ‘injection’, it appears that it is making headlines again. But why? 

Has anyone noticed that many more people appear to be having heart attacks? Could it be anything to do with the Covid-19 ‘vaccinations’ that are still being rolled out? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved Wegovy to prevent heart attacks in those who are overweight or have suffered a stroke. A priority review was issued to accelerate its approval.  

Wegovy has many very serious adverse reactions, and those wishing to consider its use should do their own research based on their own risk/benefit assessment. My final questions on Wegovy are as follows: have Covid-19 injections contributed to the increase of heart attacks we are seeing? If so, is it wise to treat patients with yet another, very risky, fast-tracked injection? For the record, children are also eligible to receive Wegovy.


‘Wellness’ is a new term; the new kid on the block. ‘Wellness’ is billed as helping people maintain and promote mental ‘wellbeing’ using different techniques including meditating, practicing good sleep hygiene, and managing day-to-day stress. Every time I hear this new term, I see woke red flags, and even more so when the words ‘wellness’ and ‘digital’ go hand in hand. But before we investigate ‘digital’, let’s explore the ‘wellness industrial complex’. It’s big money and big business:  a jaw-dropping $4.4 trillion industry.

Did you know the world has a Global Wellness Institute? It is a non-profit organisation that ‘has a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating public and private sectors [my emphasis added] about preventative health and wellness’. 

Digital mental health technology

Let’s combine wellness with digital. What does that make? 

Digital Mental Health Technology (DMHT) appears to be as sinister as it sounds. Particularly since it is the MHRA ‘regulating’ and ‘approving’ its rollout, courtesy of funding from the Wellcome Trust, and in collaboration with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE; in my opinion, not so NICE).

The MHRA claims it can’t keep up with the latest advancements in technology, especially mobile phone apps that require AI-based therapy. The MHRA appears to be worried about safety and efficacy, although I question why, considering they had no regard for either when it came to ‘regulating’ and enabling the rollout of the Covid-19 injections.

The ‘welcome’ donation from the Wellcome Trust has funded research into effectively transferring many mental health therapies over to a new platform using mobile devices and computers involving digital games, programmes, and apps.

Woodnewton were commissioned to find out how people with a diagnosed mental health condition, as well as those with a self-diagnosis or symptoms of a mental illness, would react to DMHT. [In the future, I will cover Woodnewton in detail, either in another blog or on UK Column News]. Holly Coole and Francesca Edelmann from the MHRA led the report. 

HOWEVER and it is a big however, why would the MHRA have needed to spend so much money on research that has already been done? UK Column have our very own resident Professor of Social Informatics, Diane Rasmussen McAdie, who completed all the research that the MHRA have spent millions on... years ago. It’s a shame they didn’t think to ask her. 

Message for Dame June Raine: Prof Diane Rasmussen McAdie found out all you needed to know with no funding and could have saved you millions. You should have just given us a ring and asked!  Perhaps the money saved could have been put to better use. Vaccine injuries, for example? What a waste of money. 

The report that the MHRA did commission makes some bold statements. There is too much in it to unpack now; however, I see ADHD and autism mentioned too often for comfort. With waiting lists for assessment and diagnoses of neurodiverse, neurodevelopmental conditions, are we to rely on an app to instantly give a diagnosis? As the report states, many service users and professionals reject DMHT, whilst others are cautious. Many, however, are supportive and see it as a convenient, private, and helpful tool.

But what may be even more concerning is how DMHT is already being used. When Steve Barclay was Health and Social Care Secretary, he introduced four new technologies that were set to transform children’s mental health using computers, phones, and tablets. For children ranging from 5-18 years old, games, videos and quizzes are being used to improve anxiety or low mood. An initial referral to a health professional could now result in a prescription for a digital ‘therapy’. 

Digital therapy or digital programming?

Should children as young as five years old be able to access mental health services through their phones and computers? Why would a five-year-old even be on a computer (yes, I know that many sadly are on phones and tablets)? Why would a five-year-old want to access cognitive behavioural therapy through a screen? The term used for it is ‘guided self-help tools’. Don’t be fooled by the official term. What it really means is that there are not enough services, staff, or centres to cope with the rising number of referrals to mental health services. It is easier, quicker, and cheaper to direct them to a programme of digital cognitive behavioural therapy within a phone app, anytime, anyplace.

Clearly, anything involving games and phones will be targeted to youngsters. Whilst parents try their level best to restrict screen time, it appears the NHS are keen to promote even more of it. At what cost? I would suggest that the next addiction will be a ‘digital addiction’ for which I am sure there will be a digital detox programme. I wish I were joking, but sadly, I am not; I couldn’t make it up.

If none of this sounds like a good mix to you, I share your concerns. Once again, it will be the MHRA that will give the green light to ‘digital health and wellness app providers’. Your mind will be in their hands. Think about it: remember what happened when so many put their trust and their bodies in the hands of the MHRA? It didn’t end well. Do you trust the MHRA to give your child access to digital mental health therapy?

Dame June Raine’s last meeting

On a lighter note, by the time you are reading this, I will have attended another MHRA Board meeting, where I am never bored. Do I deserve an award as probably being the longest running consistent, public viewer (I haven’t missed one!) who has observed all the MHRA’s Board meetings? How fortunate that I have the memory of an elephant and good shorthand skills!

Is this to be Dame June’s swansong, her last MHRA board meeting before she slips off into the bowels of the World Health Organisation, or into the jaws of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, like her predecessor Dr Ian Hudson? Or maybe she will slither her way back to her old haunt in Oxford?

Who knew about the ‘Wellness Moonshot’?

‘The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease’: where have you heard that before? You may be interested to note that the global stakeholders are China, Israel, and India. These countries are unlikely partners in today’s world we are living in now; wouldn’t you agree?  If you look a bit further, it won’t take long to see the links with the World Economic Forum.  None of it make me feel well at all; on the contrary, I feel rather sick. Perhaps the members of the Board may reassure me that I am being overly cautious? I don’t think so.    

Stories In Brief

Schools send police to homes of absent pupils

How many people are we to expect to knock on our doors? No longer is the bailiff the only knock at the door that is dreaded. In 2024, it could be one of many. Perhaps it is a Prevent Officer, or it might be a DWP benefits enforcement officer. But now, the list of uninvited guests extends to schools and the police.  Whilst the UK Government ‘lost’ thousands of children in care during lockup, and continues to lose thousands more migrants who appear to have vanished, schools think it is appropriate to threaten parents whose children are not attending school. Schools and community police officers have been forcing their way into homes. Again, the targets appear to be the homes of children with ADHD or autism spectrum conditions. As the noose tightens, do you know who is knocking at your front door?

The Royal Family

I will try to make this brief, although there is so much going on, it’s hard to know where to start. The King appears to be very busy, making appearances, going abroad, and carrying on as before his cancer diagnosis. It’s a wonder how he has managed to do so much after his treatment. I am sure anyone who has watched or had to endure chemotherapy and radiotherapy will tell you that it is not ‘business as normal’ for most. Amongst his public appearances, we saw his official new portrait unveiled. If you want to know what Brian Gerrish and I think of it, tune into the next No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King episode to find out. But as a teaser, I would like to thank another wonderful member of the UK Column family, Christine, who drew my attention to The Red King. Has the ‘Green King’ transformed into the ‘Red King’? Red Dragon? Red Horse? According to Nature:

 “Adult monarch butterflies possess two pairs of brilliant orange-red wings, featuring black veins and white spots along the edges”. 

Again, be sure to watch the next episode of No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King, coming soon.

Thanks go to Peter, one of our members who has his eyes everywhere, and who sent me the news that it appears the Royal Family are to expect an exodus of some of its most experienced armed officers. The Royal Protection Group, otherwise known as SO14, consists of 60 staff who ensure the safety of senior politicians and senior royals. You may recall Prince Harry requesting his royal protection remain, despite his exit from the official royal ‘firm’. It certainly was firm: a firm no! Officers who benefit from the Enhanced Returns Scheme allowing those eligible to stay on in their role whilst still claiming a police pension is to be scrapped.  

The King and Queen aren’t welcome everywhere, it seems, and they may have been snubbed from the Duke of Westminster’s society wedding of the year.  Prince William will be there, but will the Princess of Wales be with him? Where is she? The rumour mill appears to be ramping up again.  

King Charles’ irritating little brother continues to give him a headache. Prince Andrew refuses to move from his crumbling mansion but it seems his ex-wife and constant companion, Sarah, Duchess of York, is making good progress since discovering her second cancer diagnosis. I wonder if she has had the new melanoma mRNA jab which is being trialled here in the UK. That will give many in the same position, with the same diagnosis, much hope, I am sure. (I am, for the record, being sarcastic).

Hepatitis infected blood scandal

After nearly 50 years of fighting, this week it is expected that the Government will award compensation to the victims of the hepatitis infected blood scandal. The public inquiry is due to publish its findings, and Chairman Sir Brian Langstaff will also present his findings. More than 30,000 people were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C between 1970 and 1991. Many have already died.

But has anyone learned any lessons from the past? How many of us have been asking about the screening of blood for spike protein or any of the other toxic ingredients of the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’? I thought not. With no screening, this is a catastrophe I predict will happen again. How do the ‘vaccine’ injured feel? Will any of us still be here in 50 years? More to come.

And Finally

As many of you may have noticed, I have been looking back over the last four years. What did the ‘experts’ say? What promises did they make and break?  What rules did they impose, for us, not them? How many times did they assure us that their measures were ‘to keep us safe’? How many times, looking back, did they lie to us? And it doesn’t stop there. Every single one of these so-called ‘experts’ has been called to the Covid-19 Inquiry and sworn under oath to tell the truth. 

The world is becoming an ever more dangerous place. That is not something I say lightly, and I’m not saying it to instil fear. It’s fact. How much evidence is being removed from the internet? As of this writing, some of the evidence is still on the internet; however, some of it has disappeared, seemingly for good. In some instances, you can find it on the Wayback Machine, but in many cases, it has simply been removed. How long before it is all gone, and we have nothing left to show future generations? Fortunately, I know people who have recorded everything onto CD to preserve as much as possible. Will the compact disc become the modern-day equivalent of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Perhaps we should be burying time capsules.

Which distraction will those who think they rule the world throw at us next? Natural but unnatural disasters? Solar storms and major space weather (all natural, of course), or will it be war? Blame Putin? Blame China? Blame anyone but themselves.  You can’t blame anyone when the sun blows up, can you? Maybe I am ‘HAARPing’ on too much. Excuse the pun. Nothing is as it seems.

My advice moving forward remains the same:

Have a plan ready in case of power and internet outages. Keep your car topped up with fuel, and your larder topped up with food and water. To those who rely on prescription drugs, it may be worth topping up on them if you can. Do your own research, trust no one, and question everything and everyone, including UK Column. So many times, I present evidence to friends or family, only for them to challenge it without even looking at it. If you feel the same, I understand. Save your energy for those who will listen.

If you think you are getting good research and news from UK Column, please encourage others to take out a subscription. Many of our wonderful members tell us they rely on us to keep them sane, and to tell the truth. Likewise, we rely on you to keep us going and to keep us informed of what is happening in your area. We are a team; we can’t do it without you.

And finally finally: Thank you to Pip, a wonderful viewer and subscriber, for sending me this: Humane is a new horror film set in the wake of an environmental collapse that forces humanity to depopulate by 20% using a government euthanasia programme. For those brave enough to watch the trailer, it all looks horribly familiar.

Until next time

God Bless


Revelation 6:4

And there went out another horse that was red; and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword.