Conservation of Education—Micah Siegel

Mike Robinson speaks to Micah Siegel, 12, from Bethesda in Maryland, USA. Micah has decided that mainstream education, public or private, is not for him and has taken a very different direction for his education.

Micah loves animals and wants to help them. In May 2023, he started a podcast, Nature’s Guardians, to tell the stories of humans working to save and help animals around the world.

In September, 2023, Micah received a $10,000 grant from Tyler Cowen’s Emergent Ventures. With that money, he and his dad and brother will go to South Africa and Botswana in spring 2024 to go on safari and make documentary films of people helping animals.

His first post-mainstream education project is his newly released 'State of the Animals 2024' report

UK Column has also interviewed Micah's father, David Siegel.