Andrew Bridgen MP: Not pulling punches

The fundraiser for Andrew Bridgen's defamation case is here.

In his second UK Column appearance, Andrew Bridgen MP provides an update on his work and life, having lost the Conservative party whip for daring to challenge the Government’s Covid–19 vaccination policy.

Since that time, Bridgen has worked hard to assist those with vaccine-related side effects. He has also become outspoken and active in challenging the erosion of British sovereignty by what he describes as the Westminster élites operating under a uniparty system. In response to this government of occupation, Bridgen has worked hard alongside Laurence Fox to establish the Reclaim Party, with a manifesto to reclaim freedoms, our institutions and government. His new party also seeks to take politics out of the state institutions.

In a frank discussion with UK Column, Andrew Bridgen pulls no punches in warning of the dangers of the existing political order in many areas, including:

Perhaps his most chilling revelation concerns the present workings of Westminster, where he describes a climate of fear being used to stifle debate or any challenges to government policy or agendas. If individuals do not succumb to fear, they are bought off with offers of position or power.

Andrew Bridgen has had the courage to speak out despite the threats; and we, the public, should pay attention to his dire warnings as to the state of our nation.