UK Column News - 28th April 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Freddie Ponton.


​​Pre-Use Of The Online Safety Bill To Squash Dissent

​​00:23 Andrew Bridgen tweets about his expulsion from the Conservative Party

​​Andrew Bridgen defends himself on GB News after being expelled from the Conservative Party

​​Nevena Bridgen (wife of Andrew) tweets about her whole family having been targeted and persecuted


​​War Spreads: Sudan

​​06:32 Foreign Secretary James Cleverly urges all British nationals wishing to leave Sudan

​​Reuters: Sudan's Burhan says military will exit politics after 2023 elections

​​Sudan’s military are calling for elections in 2023

​​Russian statement on foreign influence in Sudan

​​Libya and Egypt support both sides

​​Hemetti meets UK, US, France just before conflict begins

​​Hemeti’s multi-million dollar image make over

​​Sudan's review of Russian access to Sudan Port

​​Rep. Matt Gaetz calls for urgent removal of U.S. troops from Somalia, supports war powers resolution


​​Nord Stream Sabotage: What Sy Hersh Got Right

​​18:12 Guest Segment: Freddie Ponton

​​21st Century Wire: Secret Team: The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Revisited

​​21st Century Wire Interview: Freddie Ponton — Nord Stream Bombing


​​Eradicating Palestinian History

​​37:19 EU in Israel:

Today we celebrate 75 years of Israel's independence and friendship with Europe.

​​PressTV: ‘Catering to cult of Zionism’: EU chief’s ‘desert bloom’ remark stirs storm 

​​The Cradle: Palestine hits back at EU official for ‘racist’ remarks

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​​Zelenskyy Calling

​​44:51 President of Ukraine had a phone call with the President of the People’s Republic of China

​​Chinese statement on President Xi Jinping Speaks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the Phone

​​US House Resolution 300

​​The Cradle: Türkiye-Syria talks resume as Moscow hosts four-way defense meeting

​​Syrian, Turkish presidents could meet in May: Turkish FM

​​Turkish officials reject rumors on President Erdoğan's condition 

​​Human Rights Watch: Turkish Border Guards Torture, Kill Syrians

​​Turkish army begins plans for 30 km ‘security belt’ in Syria’s north

​​Financial Times: How far should the Arab world go in normalising Assad?


​​Worldwide Record High Military Spending

​​55:18 World military spending reaches record high


​​Expanding Censorship—The Online Safety Bill

​​56:40 Lords continues line-by-line scrutiny of Online Safety Bill

​​Lord Bethell’s Twitter

​​Michael Shellenberger warns of losing free speech

​​Paul D. Thacker Twitter thread:

​​Why did Twitter censor Tucker Carlson? Better yet, who helped Twitter do that?


​​Bye Now, Richard Sharp

​​1:08:31 BBC’s Richard Sharp's resignation in full

​​Heppinstall report sets out the findings of an Inquiry by Adam Heppinstall KC into the 2020–21 competition to appoint a new Chair of the BBC Board


​​Christine Anderson: From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns

​​1:10:47 German MEP, Christine Anderson, on 15-minute cities

​​Christine Anderson full video: From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns: the Onslaught of Digital Tyranny


​​And Finally: Kevin Bacon Loves Drag

​​1:16:17 The Guardian: The drag show bans sweeping the US are a chilling attack on free speech—Suzanne Nossel

​​Why is Kevin Bacon obsessed with exposing children to drag queens?