Cheryl Grainger: What does ‘safe and effective’ mean when the adverse events come to light?

Please note that this interview was recorded in November 2022. Figures quoted are correct as of that month.

When, one day some months ago now, a loyal UK Column viewer contacted Debi Evans with regard to medicine regulation and the workings of the MHRA, we never knew the association would prove to be so fruitful. Cheryl Grainger, a self-employed training consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, observed from very early on during the pandemic that everything she had been trained to teach others within the industry was now apparently non-applicable.

After hundreds of hours of research, single-handed, she has succeeded in in submitting a Freedom of Information request to AstraZeneca for all its data on the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid–19 vaccine. According to reports a year ago, AstraZeneca had already rolled out half a billion doses of this vaccine globally. The serious adverse reactions from AstraZeneca Covid injections alone in the UK are 246,393 reports and 1,314 deaths at the time of writing. These statistics can be found at the UK Column Yellow Card website, which is no longer being updated following a cessation in MHRA data provision in September 2022 followed by a change to a new data provision on the MHRA's Yellow Card website.

Many of the brave souls whom we are fortunate to talk to are not used to being in the limelight. Cheryl is no different, but now—exclusively for UK Column—she has decided to reveal what she has been doing behind the scenes.

Cheryl Grainger makes some startling observations in a fascinating and ground-breaking interview. Have we forgotten what life used to be like in 2019? What do we need reminding of?

In this interview, Cheryl gives us an historical perspective on Covid–19 and reminds us that in May 2020, Covid was following the same patterns as respiratory viruses over the last 20 years. What does ‘safe and effective’ mean? How many serious adverse reactions have taken place worldwide? How much underreporting does there appear to be, and what are the true figures? Cheryl helps us understand all this and more.

The public owes Cheryl a great debt of gratitude for her hard work and research, and should appreciate her diligence and determination.