UK Column News - 5th February 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Legacy Media Prepare For More War

00:30 The Telegraph: World War Three is approaching fast, and too few are willing to admit why 

The Telegraph: Wasteful Britain needs to buy a new arsenal for war with Russia

The Telegraph: Lewis Page (defence writer)

The Telegraph: We must rise to the challenge of a ‘pre-war world’—and quickly (by Sir Jeremy Quin, Chairman of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee)

The Telegraph: Britain’s warships have gym where land attack missiles should be

The Telegraph: HMS Queen Elizabeth pulls out of largest Nato exercise since Cold War 

Royal Navy (on X): 

Routine pre-sailing checks yesterday identified an issue with a coupling on HMS Queen Elizabeth starboard propeller shaft. As such, the ship will not sail on Sunday.

Independent: UK to test-fire first nuclear missile since failed launch in 2016

Mena FN: Residents of Romania informed to get ready for war with Russia 

Novinite: Mandatory Military Service Reconsidered in Croatia Amid Regional Changes

Marine Corps Times: Marine leaders drop ‘2030’ from name of ambitious overhaul plan

AP: No diploma? No problem! Navy again lowers requirements as it struggles to meet recruitment goals

Daily Caller: US Moved To Revive Major WWII-Era Military Bases In 2023 To Prepare For Face Off With China

Vox Day: Immiliteracy and its Consequences

Reuters: Polish president criticised for doubting Ukraine can retake Crimea

AP: Ukraine says Russia refuses to turn over the bodies of military plane crash victims


Power To Declare Foreign War: Is the UK A Military Dictatorship?

09:00 ITVX: 'Houthi Red Sea attacks must stop' Lord Cameron says after UK-US airstrikes

ReliefWeb: Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel reported impact, 24 January 2024

OCHA: Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel—reported impact | Day 109

The Institute for Government (2015): Commons vote on Syria

UK Column article: War Powers: Is the UK a Military Dictatorship or is it a Legal Limited Monarchy?

Carnegie Europe: UK-EU Security Cooperation After Ukraine

EUI: Florence School of Transnational Governance


United Nations Migration And The 2030 Agenda

20:00 We The People (Rumble): Take Our Border Back Southern Border Convoy Promo Video

Take Our Border Back: The Official Take Our Border Back Convoy: February 3rd, 2024

US Customs and Border Protection: Southwest Land Border Encounters

United Nations Network on Migration: Migration and the 2030 Agenda


State Of European Tyranny: Farmers' Protests, Hopkins Appeal, Right To Die

31:00 Nieuwe Oogst (Dutch): Farmers' protest in Brussels is becoming increasingly grim

The Brussels Times: Farmers topple statue from John Cockerill monument in Place du Luxembourg

The Guardian: As the mayor of Amsterdam, I can see the Netherlands risks becoming a narco-state

Government Of The Netherlands: Cocaine seizures by Customs see sharp rise in 2023

Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch): Mayor Halsema advocates a regulated cocaine market

NOS (Dutch): Officials from all over the world are calling for the regulation of hard drugs in Amsterdam

RAIR Foundation: Slovak Prime Minister Launches Sweeping Investigation into Covid Response, Vaccine Deaths, and 'Suspicious' Pfizer-EU Deal (Video)

CJ Hopkins (Substack): The Resistible Rise of The New Normal Reich

CJ Hopkins (on X): 

N.B. Re my acquittal, keep in mind (1) I'm an American, (2) I was able to raise enough money to pay a lawyer, and (3) I was able to put pressure on the authorities by generating international MSM coverage. Most German dissidents can't do that ... and there are many of them.

Eugyppius (Substack): German domestic intelligence services disclose their extensive surveillance of former CDU politician Hans-Georg Maassen for his criticism of globalism, the Green Party, mass migration and state media

The Daily Sceptic: German President Compares AfD Supporters to “Rats”

Bundespräsident (German): Statement after the conversation on social cohesion in Germany

Epimetheus (Substack): Euthanasia is a 'Human Right' [in Austria]


Updates And Announcements

45:00 UK Column Interview: WHOse time is running out?—James Roguski

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Forthcoming UK Column Interview: Jacqui Deevoy: Tuesday 6 February at 1 pm

Gemma O’Doherty: John Waters' forthcoming libel lawsuit (in playlist visible within video pane, choose 30 January item with John Waters and skip to 1 hour 18 minutes)


Is This Britain Or Israel?

51:00 The Guardian (2023): Sunak promises Israel 'unqualified support in face of evil'

Rishi Sunak – support for Israel ‘not just today, not just tomorrow, but always’.

UK Column article (2011): Britain Or Israel?

UK Column Archive: UK Column News—19th April 2018

GOV.UK (2021): UK-Israel strategic partnership: memorandum of understanding 2021 

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Where does Rishi Sunak, new UK prime minister, stand on Israel and Jewish issues?

Lowkey (on X): 

Douglas Murray was scheduled to host a fundraiser for Israeli soldiers in London tonight, but the event was cancelled after workers refused to staff it even when they were offered triple pay.

Israel National News: Israeli bank freezes accounts of farmer targeted by US sanctions

TRT World (YouTube): British Rapper and Activist Lowkey unravels the UK's Israel Lobby

The Washington Post (2020): Six graphic novels to read while you self-quarantine

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