WHOse time is running out?—James Roguski

The deadline (27 January 2024) for WHO member states to submit any proposed amendments four months in advance of the 77th World Health Assembly at Geneva has passed. It is the responsibility of every sovereign member state of the WHO to defend the rule of law and enforce Article 55.

James Roguski, author, activist, researcher and dedicated reader, has been keeping his fingers on the World Health Organisation’s pulse and has the unenviable task of translating its agenda, regulations and treaties into everyday language for the public to understand. Roguski works tirelessly around the clock, dedicating his life to bring the public the truth. His dogged determination is unmoveable and he vows never to give up. But he can only do so much, and he believes it is up to each one of us to take back control and to orchestrate the changes that must happen to retain sovereignty of our nations and our freedom of choice. 

James Roguski joins Debi Evans for this interview to give a vital update on the progress of amendments to the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations and the proposed Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. He makes a cogent case that what is going on in the name of health here is a neo-colonialist trade deal, with genomic sequencing as the lucrative raw material. It will continue to menace the world, he argues, until gain-of-function research ceases.

Actions speak louder than words. What can you do to stop the planned power grab? Action is needed from all of us. Who represents your country at WHO meetings and assemblies; whose hands are your lives in? For all its apparent obscurity, IHR Article 55 and due process on it is vital to your future. 

With crucial WHO meetings scheduled within days and with the next full meeting of the World Health Assembly to be held in May, time is running out. To find out more, please go to StopTheGlobalAgenda.com, which will take you to Roguski’s comprehensive and informative blog, where you can find e-mail templates that you can send to your parliamentarian or government. Discussions must be had, debates must be heard and the people must choose. 

James Roguski positively welcomes e-mails and phone calls. Don’t be shy: if you have information that could help him, please get in contact

Please support James Roguski’s work. Without his expertise and knowledge, none of us would be any the wiser on what is poised to be foisted on us at Geneva. We are all indebted to him for his extraordinary contribution to the survival of humanity. 

His counsel is:

If you are fearful, you are in the wrong place.

UK Column News covered the list of representatives of WHO member states, and the British representative Laura Collins, on 26 January 2024. The UK Government aims to be a life sciences superpower and thus merits more scrutiny than others in this pressing matter.