Britain Or Israel?

For those spiritual and those not, the words of the Bible contain common sense and truth. Take for instance the simple words of advice that “No man can serve two masters - for he will love one and despise the other.”

Just how then can the British Prime Minister vow to serve both Britain and Israel? Could it now be that David Cameron’s blatant and accelerating dismantling of the British nation, its Constitution, defence, values, morality, history and customs is a sign that he has come to despise the British?

For those who are sensitive about mention of Israel, it is worth emphasising that this article is not about the rights or wrongs of Israel as a nation or its people - our interest and attention is directed to David Cameron, Britain as a Sovereign nation and the Conservative Party. In particular we believe that the British public are entitled to know and understand what their Prime Minister is doing - especially where National loyalty, conflict of interest and treason are concerned.

Starring on the front page of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) website, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s boyish face is partly hidden in shadows and flanked by Israeli flags - it’s a powerful and emotive media image. But aimed at whom?

The headline is equally robust and more telling - Prime Minister David Cameron: “In me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is indestructible.”

This is an interesting statement and of major significance to the British people, whatever their background, colour, race or creed. Searching high and low for media and press reports, nowhere does Cameron make such an overwhelming statement of  commitment to Britain. So what is Cameron up to and should we, the British, be concerned?

The overwhelming answer is yes. And a simple search of the CFI website reveals much more about what is really going on behind the scenes in the Conservative Party. More frighteningly it also reveals much about what is going on in the head of young David Cameron. CFI proudly quotes him again:

“I am proud not just to be a Conservative, but a Conservative Friend of Israel; and I am proud of the key role CFI plays within our Party”

So what precisely is the role of Conservative Friends of Israel within the Tory party? Happily their website is only too pleased to tell us in magnificent detail: 

“CFI works to promote its twin aims of supporting Israel and promoting Conservatism. With close to 2000 activists as members – alongside 80% of Tory MPs – CFI is active at every level of the Party. CFI organises numerous events in and around Westminster, takes Conservative parliamentarians and candidates on delegations to Israel, campaigns hard for Tory candidates in target seats, and works to ensure that Israel’s case is fairly represented in Parliament.”

Did the electorate know at the last elections that in voting for Cameron and his Tories, they were really voting to elect Cameron and a Tory party that are committed to protect the interests of Israel, and to represent Israel in Parliament? As Cameron says...”his belief in Israel is indestructible.”

Why are the USA, France, Germany for example, not represented in the British Parliament? Can they not work alongside 80% of Tory MPs like Israel? Apparently not, as Cameron is fully committed to Israel. Is his commitment over and above his loyalty to the British Nation and the British Nation State?

If so, is Cameron guilty of treason?

Many already believe Cameron and the Conservatives, alongside Labour and Clegg’s now fading Lib Dems, have committed treason in handing power to the European Union. But surely the love affair with Israel inside Westminster also represents treason?

In an increasingly violent and dangerous world, British politicians who fail to ensure the safety of their own people are dangerous, but more so, as their deviousness and treachery are magnified by their effect within the gates our nation state.

Assisted by the Franco British Council, Cameron recently bound us to a 50 year Military partnership with the French - a nation well known in history as a reliable long term ally of Britain. More recently, the French were happy to sell the Exocet Missiles to Argentina that sank British warship HMS Sheffield and Container Ship Atlantic Conveyor, leaving 24 British dead and 24 injured. These casualties are a small part of the total attributed to French supplied fighter aircraft and technical support teams during the Falklands War.

Neither Blair, Brown, Labour, nor the Cameron Clegg LibCon gave the British public any say in this military alliance which was accompanied by the wholesale emasculation of British Armed Forces; the Royal Navy and RAF in particular.

Whilst Tory Margaret Thatcher sensibly denied the French an active lobbying group in Westminster, Cameron obviously is not so squeamish where Israel and the CFI is concerned. Most remarkable, when it has recently emerged that Israeli arms company Isrex was more than happy to also supply Air to air missiles, missile radar alert systems, fuel tanks for fighter bombers and gas masks to Argentina. As revealed by Argentine Journalist Hernan Dobry in his book 'Operation Israel: the rearming of Argentina during the dictatorship (1976/1983)', Israeli Zionist Chief Begin actively encouraged the arms sales. Israel Lotersztain, a salesman for Isrex Argentina, said "He [Begin] hated the English above all; everyone had forgotten the British occupation, but not him." His colleague Jaime Weinstein confirmed this, stating: "He [Begin] did all that was possible to help Argentina, selling her weapons during the Malvinas [Falklands] conflict."

Meanwhile we simply ask which of his two masters Cameron is serving - Britain or Israel?