UK Column News - 5th April 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.



00:17 Ofcom: Statement: Ofcom's Plan of Work 2024/25

Ofcom: Ofcom's strategic approach to AI 2024/25 (PDF)


Ofcom: Call for evidence: Third phase of online safety regulation


Don’t B Left B-hind—B Corp: Certified BS

05:28 The Big Issue: Embracing a kinder economy: the transformative power of B Corps

B Corp UK: Exploring awareness of B Corp certification in the UK

B Lab Global: B Lab Global is pausing support for new B Corps to certify in regions without Global or Country Partner representation

Futureheads: We've signed up to the Better Business Act (BBA) coalition

B Corp: Revisiting the proposed changes to the standards for B Corp Certification

B Corp: Andrew Kassoy, Katie Hill, and Janine Guillot step into new Board roles

Andrew Kassoy (LinkedIn): 

Honored that The Rockefeller Foundation has invited me to be a 2024 #RFBellagio Center resident! I’m looking forward to writing about the future of stakeholder capitalism (and the #bcorp movement) and to collaborating with some extraordinary leaders tackling related challenges. B Lab

B Lab Europe: The B Corp Way: How B Corps help fellow businesses take concrete action on the SDGs


Is The UK Prepping For War?

17:34 UK Parliament: Ready for War?—Defence Committee—Parliament (publications)

Defence Committee (on X): 

Our report on Armed Forces Readiness has been published.

The report, “Ready for war?” found that the Forces are overburdened, leaving them no opportunity to prepare for warfighting.

Sky News: Is the UK preparing for war amid threats of conflict? Here is what Sky News has found

NHS England: Annual emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR) assurance report

National Institutes of Health (NIH 2023): Can Live-Actor Patients in a Mass Casualty Incident Exercise Benefit as Exercise Players? 

CrisisCast: Clients & Partners

Our trained professional role-play actors and internationally credited film crews bring realistic, informed crisis management and disaster incidents to life.

World Health Organization (WHO 2007): Mass casualty management systems: strategies and guidelines for building health sector capacity


Updates And Announcements

25:58 Support Independent Journalism from the UK Column

Please Join Us: Access the UKC News Extra—UK Column Community

UK Column interview: Unearthly Interference: The Corruption of the Organic Movement—with Sir Julian Rose

UK Column interview: Lois’ Legacy: Could I have done more?—with Hilary Barltrop

Event: Sounds Beautiful Festival 2024—27–30 June

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May


CANZUK: Canada And New Zealand Added To AUKUS

27:28 UK Column interview: No Smoke Without Fire 6: The Green King (Part 1)

CANZUK International: Promoting closer ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand & the United Kingdom


Rejkjavík: “Empowering Women To Stay In Power”, Away From Motherhood

31:39 Verian: About Us

Reykjavik Global Forum: The community is where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions

Kantar Public: The Reykjavik Index for Leadership


Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service Closed Due To Harms—Just To Be Rebranded

41:02 Springer: Development of Gender Non-Contentedness During Adolescence and Early Adulthood

NHS: Service for Children and Young People with Gender Incongruence: Referral Pathway consultation guide

Tavistock and Portman: Gender identity development service (GIDS)

New services for children and young people with gender incongruence are being established, with the creation of a Northern Hub and a Southern Hub.


Vaccines In Salad: Tennessee Senator Frank Niceley Says No To Unilateral DNA Manipulation

46:31 Sainsbury's: Future of Food Report

WKRN News 2: TN 'vaccine lettuce' bill heads to governor's desk


Blinken Says Ukraine Will Be A NATO Member

53:39 GOV.UK: PM statement on NATO's 75th anniversary

Nato: Foreign Ministers agree to move forward with planning for a greater NATO role in coordinating aid to Ukraine