Lois’ Legacy: Could I have done more?—with Hilary Barltrop

Hilary Barltrop, a member of the UK Column family, decided to e-mail Debi Evans to bravely describe the harrowing last few days of her mother Lois’ life. Lois sadly died in 2020, before her time.  Lois was also a part of the UK Column family, and mother and daughter both enjoyed watching regularly.

How did a simple minor procedure in the NHS lead to Lois’ death? What went so tragically wrong? Hilary details the events leading up to her death and how medical staff treated both her and her beloved mum. Four years later, Hilary is still grieving and traumatised. She has received no explanation or answers from the hospital. She tells UK Column her mum’s story so that others never need to go through the same.