Unearthly Interference: The Corruption of the Organic Movement—with Sir Julian Rose

Returning to his family's farm in 1975, Julian Rose was certain that the landscape should be free of any chemical inputs. This was a decision based on the outcomes for the consumers of food produced there, but also an emotional one; it was simply what felt right. Concurrent to his prior, long-standing, involvement with the Soil Association (an organisation which he believes to have been subverted), he managed to convert the entire area into farmland recognised and certified as organic; well before there was a premium attached to food grown in this way.

During recent decades, Rose has seen the environmental movement captured by such influences as the UN Agenda 2030 and the Green New Deal, and he recognises the poor outcomes for landowners, farmers and shoppers trapped by this framework. He remains a vigorous proponent of farming on a small scale, in order to satisfy a local market, and he sees taking control of one's own food supply as a vital part of maintaining freedom at the individual level.

Sir Julian Rose writes and publishes articles on his own website. He owns the Hardwick Estate, in the Chilterns, and he co-founded the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside.

An article by Sir Julian referred to in this interview is Whom the Gods Would Destroy, they First Make Mad.