UK Column News - 3rd July 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Good Luck To All The Independent Candidates

00:22 UK Column interview: #IndependentsDay: Andrew Bridgen

Kenneth Roth (on X): Kenneth Roth’s post

At stake in the French and U.S. elections are the defense of Ukraine's democratic future from Putin's colonial invasion and with it the prospects for democracy in Europe. The far right has a different plan.


He Who Pays the Piper: Who Funds Ofcom Censorship?

03:20 The House of Commons Library: Parliament's wash-up period before dissolution

The House of Commons Library: Criminal Justice Bill: Progress of the Bill 

UK Parliament: Disestablishment of the Church of England Bill [HL]

UK Parliament: Foetal Sentience Committee Bill [HL]

UK Parliament: Police (Declaration) Bill

UK Parliament: Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Designation)

The House of Commons Library: Holocaust Memorial Bill: Progress of the Bill

Ofcom: How is Ofcom funded?

Ofcom: Annual reports and plans

Global Witness: Investigation reveals content posted by bot-like accounts on X has been seen 150 million times ahead of the UK elections


Not Surprising Fall Of Trust In UK Mainstream Media

10:09 Statista: Chart: Where Do People (Dis)Trust News Media?

Statista: Trust in the news media UK by generation 2022

Press Gazette: UK has second-lowest level of trust in press in survey of 24 countries

Press Gazette: Trust in media: UK drops to last place in Edelman survey of 28 nations


Egypt's Debt and Gazan Refugees

13:53 Politico: EU finalizes up to €1B in aid to Egypt as part of migration deal

Vanessa Beeley (Substack): The Sisi-linked cartel boss in charge of Gaza "file"—Why Egypt is not a friend of Palestine—Part 3

The Cradle: Will Egypt accept Palestinian displacement in exchange for debt relief?

Substack: Vanessa Beeley

WikiLeaks (on X): WikiLeaks’s post

Verified document from Israeli Ministry of Intelligence on October 13 suggests forced displacement of Gaza civilians to Egypt would "yield positive and long term strategic results"


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UK Column Shop: Agenda 21—Your Life In Their Hands by Martin Edwards

UK Column interview: Meet David Laity—Independent Parliamentary Candidate, St Ives, Cornwall

Forthcoming UK Column interview: J Michael Waller—Thursday 4th July at 1pm

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There Is A Constitutional Crisis Taking Place in our Courts

25:22 The Guardian: Activists arrested on suspicion of contempt after London court protest 

Defend Our Juries: Jurors have an absolute right to acquit a defendant according to their conscience

UK Column series: A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution

BBC: 'Slow-walk' protests banned at 1,200 locations

RealMedia Press: The right to acquit on conscience (but the jury mustn't know)


Church of England's Report on Racial Justice and Its Implications For Funding Streams

34:15 Church Times: Racial-justice report finds progress, if much still to accomplish, in all the dioceses

The Church of England: Progress on Racial Justice Across the Church of England Dioceses (PDF)

The Church of England: Racial Justice

The Church of England: Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns

The Church of England (2021): From Lament to Action: Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce calls for urgent changes to culture of Church of England 

The Church of England: Enabling Christ's Thriving Church (PDF)

Applied SmartFactory: Pharmaceutical

UK Column article: The Church of England: Ethically investing in pornography, weapons and embryonic stem cells (Available to listen to)


Israel Tests Hamas-free 'Bubbles' Plan

41:28 Financial Times: Israel tests Hamas-free 'bubbles' plan for postwar Gaza


Ukraine: F–16 Dreams — UK: Dannatt was in Post While Forces Cuts Took Place

45:44 Business Insider: Ukraine's First F–16s From the Netherlands Will Arrive 'Soon'

TASS: Russia not to divulge details of possible deployment of short-and medium-range missiles

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI): A Methodology for Degrading the Arms of the Russian Federation

Institute for the Study of War (on X): Institute for the Study of War’s post

Russia's main goal now is to disrupt the flows of Western military aid to Ukraine, Nicole Wolkov, a Russia researcher at ISW, told CNN

WSJ: Russian Saboteurs Behind Arson Attack at German Factory

The Sun: Britain’s Armed Forces are no longer credible amid cuts to record-low, warns ex-defence chief Lord Dannatt


Technology Of Mass Destruction

51:50 Jerusalem Press Club: 2024 JPC—OurCrowd Israeli Tech Media Tour

Cyabra: Uncovering The Good, Bad and Fake Online

LinkedIn: Yossef Daar—Cyabra


Finland Is The First Bird Flu Domino To Fall, US Next?

55:10 Reuters: Finland to start bird flu vaccinations for humans, in world first

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL): Avian influenza vaccinations begin—vaccine to be offered to persons at increased risk of infection 

European Medicines Agency: Avian influenza (bird flu)

GOV.UK blogs: Coverage on avian influenza in non-avian wild mammals

UK Column News archive: 29th May 2024—Dust Off The Swine Flu (2009) Playbook, It’s Bird Flu Time (31:35)

International Bird Flu Summit: Bird Flu: Take that Very Seriously