UK Column News - 29th May 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Rafah Destruction: With An Election Coming, Will Anyone Talk About It?

00:23 The Jerusalem Post: Knesset to hold preliminary vote designating UNRWA a terror organization

Reuters: ICJ Gaza ruling: Israel was ordered to halt its Rafah offensive and open the Gaza-Egypt crossing for aid

Al Jazeera: Shooting between Egyptian, Israeli personnel near Rafah kills one Egyptian

PressTV: 'Most cruel abomination': UN blasts Rafah carnage as EU weighs sanctions on Israel 

Haaretz: Flattened Buildings, Widespread Destruction: This Is What Israel's 'Limited Operation' in Rafah Looks Like (Archived)


Warlike Rhetoric, Falling Into 'Wartime Ecstasy'

09:21 UK Parliament: National Service

GOV.UK: Chief of the Defence Chatham House Security and Defence Conference 2024 keynote speech 

No one in the Ministry of Defence is talking about conscription in any traditional sense of the term.

Bundeswehr: Voluntary Military Service: An Opportunity, Not an Obligation

Anadolu Ajansı (Turkey): Italy's League party introduces bill to bring back compulsory military service

The Economist: NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside Russia

Atlantic Council: 'The time has come': Calls grow to allow Ukrainian strikes inside Russia

NATO PA: NATO PA urges Allies to step up military assistance to Ukraine, lift restrictions on weapons use

Reuters: French military instructors to visit Ukrainian training centres soon, Ukraine commander says

Financial Times: America breaks global rules as it defends the free world


Operating with Impunity: New Definition of Extremism

20:34 GOV.UK: Statement on Lord Walney’s report 'Protecting our Democracy from Coercion' 

GOV.UK: New definition of extremism (2024)

GOV.UK: Operating with Impunity: Summary Version (PDF)


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The Last American Vagabond: Pathologist Arne Burkhardt's Final Interview—Revealing the Grave Dangers of mRNA Vaccines

UK Column interview: Reclaim your Rights and Control: The Control Group


Investment Pitch From The World Health Organization

28:13 World Health Organization (WHO): WHO’s investment case launch draws expressions of support, pledges to sustainably finance four-year strategy

World Health Organization (WHO): Programme Budget


Dust Off The Swine Flu (2009) Playbook, It’s Bird Flu Time 

31:35 GOV.UK: HAIRS risk statement: Avian influenza A(H5N1) in livestock

GOV.UK: Avian Influenza in US cattle—DEFRA in the media

BBC: Cows in the US have bird flu—is it inching closer to humans?

GOV.UK: AWC Opinion on the use of high-expansion nitrogen foam for culling poultry 

Auckland Council (New Zealand): Check if you need a licence to keep birds and poultry

Ministry for Primary Industries: High pathogenicity avian influenza and the risk to New Zealand

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): How CDC is monitoring influenza data to better understand the current avian influenza A (H5N1) situation in people

GOV.UK: Avian flu detected in two individuals taking part in testing programme 

Penn Medicine: Penn Researchers Develop Experimental mRNA Avian Flu Vaccine 

Reuters: Bird flu vaccines for laying hens prove effective in practice

Wageningen University (WUR): Two vaccines effective against bird flu


American $320 million Gaza Pier Goes Surfing

40:29 Politico: Biden officials are in talks with EU group to help reopen Rafah crossing 

European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM): Who we are


The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero Cooking the Books?

44:54 GOV.UK: Energy Trends March 2024

GOV.UK: Digest of UK Energy Statistics Annual data for UK, 2022 (PDF)

National Grid ESO: Future Energy Scenarios (FES)

This year’s Future Energy Scenarios continue to set out credible ways that the UK can achieve net zero by 2050 […]

[…] Projected increase in annual demand, by 2050, is 254% 

Recharge: "It's much cheaper to produce green hydrogen from waste than renewables"

National Grid ESO: Data Centres (PDF)

Bank of England: The digital pound: Technology Working Paper


Sino-Arabian Renaissance

51:34 Al Mayadeen English: 'Israel' denies Egypt account on Rafah cross-border skirmish

Al Mayadeen English: Egyptian Nasserist Party calls for cancellation of Camp David Accords

China Global Television Network (CCTN): China-Arab Ties: Heads of Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, the UAE to attend cooperation forum in Beijing during state visits to China 


UKC Verify: Rapid Changes In Gravitational Force: Thanks, BBC

55:16 BBC: Singapore Airlines plane dropped 178ft in five seconds, black box data reveals

Declassified UK: King Charles accepted award from Nazi veteran