Meet David Laity—Independent Parliamentary Candidate, St Ives, Cornwall

What makes a former CID police officer stand as an independent candidate in the forthcoming election? 

The answer is David Laity’s personal experience of high-level institutional fraud and corruption in the banking and financial regulatory systems, and in the policing and political system itself. Aside from those engaged in criminal activity, he describes individuals who have a responsibility to protect the public from multi-billion-pound frauds, but who fail to do so, as exhibiting blind-eyed dishonesty. 

David Laity is keen to expose this massive fraud on the public purse, so that the wider public is fully informed as to where its hard-earned money is actually going. He argues that doing so will bring proper accountability and balance to the expenditure of public money and this will ultimately benefit everyone, especially those struggling to make ends meet in rural British communities such as Cornwall.