UK Column News - 2nd February 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans, Ben Rubin and guest James Roguski with today's UK Column News.


Everywhere Seems To Be Preparing For War

00:22 GOV.UK: Minister for Europe in Poland to show support for NATO troops 

Politico: Islamic Resistance in Iraq group is to blame for Jordan drone strike that killed 3 troops, US says 

Glenn Diesen (on X): 

President Saakashvili started a war with Russia in 2008 when he attacked South Ossetia & killed Russian peacekeepers. Imprisoned in Georgia, he was transferred today to Intensive Care as his health declines. He should be a reminder that Washington can quickly discard allies

Metro: Map reveals best places to live in the US if nuclear war breaks out

TASS: Russia checking reports about US’ plans to deploy nukes in UK — Lavrov

Defense News: Europeans set up corridor for rushing NATO troops eastward

GOV.UK: ULEZ scrappage scheme: 31 January 2024


WHO Pandemic Agreement Catch-Up With James Roguski

07:28 The Guardian: Global pandemic agreement at risk of falling apart, WHO warns

James Roguski (Substack): #EnforceArticle55

The deadline (January 27, 2024) to submit proposed amendments has passed. It is the responsibility of every sovereign member nation of the WHO to defend the rule of law and enforce Article 55.

James Roguski (YouTube): Enforce Article 55 Video

GOV.UK: WHO Executive Board 22–27 January 2024

UK Parliament (Petition): End the UK's membership of the World Health Organization


Jeremy Hunt Has Been Busy: Vaccines Made By AI In A Month Would Be A “Massive Step Forward For Humanity” 

16:52 Jeremy Hunt (on X):

Great to meet the CEO of Macquarie Shemara Wikramanayake today, where we discussed the company's plans to support the delivery of more than £12bn of investment in 10 areas of sustainable infrastructure across the UK.

Jeremy Hunt (on X):

Sat down with Larry Fink and Stephen Cohen from BlackRock today, the world's largest asset manager. BlackRock has already invested over £500 billion in our economy on behalf of its clients, and we spoke about how we can drive even more investment in the UK.

Fox Business: BlackRock CEO slammed for 'force behaviors' comment after 2017 interview re-emerges about DEI initiatives

BlackRock CEO admitted 'if you don't force behaviors [...] you're going to be impacted'

Nesta (LinkedIn): We are Nesta. The UK’s innovation agency for social good


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UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog: 30th January 2024


Farmers' Demonstrations Get A Heavy State Response In Brussels

25:07 Farmers Guardian: Over 1000 farmers protest at Welshpool Livestock Market over Government policies

Gareth Wyn Jones (YouTube): Chairman of the meeting in Welshpool to discuss the future of Welsh agriculture


Building Back Better With Rothschild & Co

31:41 UK Column Forum: Wolfgang Airvent Brabinger

I can't wait for Ben's revelations about the big dude ... and more about the creators of Nudge 

Financial Times: Top accounting firms admit breaking rules safeguarding audit independence

UK Column interview: Ben Rubin dissects the Common Purpose agenda

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism: We are a global community of business leaders taking action for an economy that works for all

Ernst & Young: EY awarded Sustainable Markets Initiative’s 2023 Terra Carta Seal


UK Wants In On India’s Vaccine Development 

47:45 Andy Morling (LinkedIn): Andy Morling—MHRA Head of Enforcement Group

World Economic Forum: India could become the world’s third largest economy in the next five years. Here's how

Deutsche Welle: Why the world depends on India's vaccine production

Deutsche Welle: Coronavirus vaccine: Why does India have a head start?

Business Insider India: India has 15 pharma billionaires in the top 100 and their net worth is over $85 billion

Ernst & Young: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 2021: future is now (PDF)

GOV.UK: 2030 Roadmap for India-UK future relations

GOV.UK: UK reaffirms 2030 Roadmap commitments at high level dialogue with India 

NDTV (YouTube): 'Achche din zaroor aayenge', says British PM David Cameron

ANI News (YouTube): Former UK PM Tony Blair impressed with India’s Aadhaar Program

Tony Blair Institute: Apollo ProHealth

Apollo Hospitals Group in India has rolled out Apollo ProHealth Program, a proactive and preventative health-management programme. It is powered by personalised health risk assessments, which are enabled by AI.

Bloomberg Television (YouTube): UK-India Trade Deal Has ‘Real Political Momentum’: Jeremy Hunt


Did Boris Johnson Or The BBC Breach The Online Safety Law?

57:49 Crown Prosecution Service: Illegal sexual behaviour online including sharing and threatening to share intimate images and cyberflashing targeted in new CPS guidance

GOV.UK: Online Safety Act: new criminal offences circular

Police Professional: Online abusers, trolls and predators now face prison under new criminal offences Online Safety Act 2023: PART 10 Communications offences

UK Column Article (2020): Covid Coercion: Boris Johnson's Psychological Attack on the UK Public

BBC (2020): Boris Johnson announces four-week 'stay at home' order