Ben Rubin dissects the Common Purpose agenda

Ben Rubin joins Brian Gerrish to dig deep into the Common Purpose agenda. From different professional backgrounds in different time periods, the two men's experience and knowledge quickly dovetails to fit together pieces of a hidden jigsaw setting out a programme to change every aspect of our lives, including our behaviour as individuals. Their analysis identifies that language, and the manipulation of language by a plethora of entwined organisations, commercial interests and government is key.

The interview covers many subjects, seemingly different in name, but in reality all pieces of the same agenda. They include:

  • Common Purpose
  • Networks and patterns of behaviour
  • Digitalisation
  • Disrupters and Disruptive Innovation
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Inclusive Capitalism
  • C40 cities
  • Radical Decentralisation
  • Mindspace
  • NLP
  • Revenue Generating Units
  • Human Resources
  • The "Rules-Based International Order"

and more.

Whether you have worked in big business, professional positions, the public sector or none of these, the analysis in this interview will most certainly highlight verbal sleights of hand and agendas that you have experienced at some time in your working life.