UK Column News - 2nd August 2023

Brian Gerrish, Debi Evans and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Dr Hervé Seligmann.


Latest Sahel Coup: Niger. Why? Explained By Vanessa Beeley

00:35 Niger Crisis Deepens as France Plans Evacuation and Coup Leaders Get Support from Neighboring Juntas

The Telegraph: How a pro-Putin coup threatens Europe's nuclear supplies

TeleSUR: France to Defend Its Companies and Interests in Niger

Politico: Niger coup sparks concerns about French, EU uranium dependency

NBC: U.S. sees 'narrow opportunity' to reverse coup in Niger as ousted president meets Chad’s leader

Intel Republic (Telegram): n Niger would be considered as declaration of war against Burkina Faso and Mali (see map)

Al Jazeera: Burkina Faso, Mali warn against military intervention in Niger

YouTube Channel: Swahili Nation

RT (Rumble): A diplomat from the Ugandan embassy in Moscow spotted in Putin T-shirt at Russia-Africa summit


Blair and "Wellbeing": Think About Policies And Where Policies Come From

15:08 The Conservative Woman (2021): Grave new world of the Welsh—Nicola Lund

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: A New National Purpose: Innovation Can Power the Future of Britain

The Guardian: Kate Bingham: well-connected but under-fire UK vaccines chief


There Was Smoke, There Is Fire—Dr Hervé Seligmann Outlines Apparent Fiddling Of Child Death Data

19:30 UK Column Series: No Smoke Without Fire


Health News Updates With Debi Evans

30:12 MHRA: Board Meeting July 2023

NHS: Video of the NHS England board meeting—27 July 2023

GOV.UK: Sanofi Pasteur COVID–19 vaccine authorised by MHRA 

Defra Plant Health Portal: Army worms (Spodoptera spp.)

The Gateway Pundit: China-linked Bio Lab Discovered in Fresno Co, California—Had Over 900 Mice “Genetically Engineered to Catch and Carry the Covid–19 Virus”

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Children are being hit hard this flu season. Some experts are calling for more antiviral use

Mirror: NHS will unveil special hubs amid warnings flu season could be biggest ever

Fox News: CDC likely to recommend annual COVID booster shot, director says

Mirror: Urgent warning for parents after deadly E. coli outbreak shuts popular farm park

Gresham College: Medicine after disasters

Gresham College: Health after Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis with Professor Chris Whitty

Gresham College: Health after Extreme Cold, Heat, Storms and Floods with Professor Chris Whitty

Gresham College: Reducing harms after Nuclear, Radiological and Chemical Incidents with Professor Chris Whitty

UK Column article: Debi Evans Blog: 1 August 2023

Rally for Peace and Freedom: Glasgow Green, Commonwealth Monument, 1 pm, Saturday, 26 August

UK Column interview: Amy Kelly—An Angel with Clout

Forthcoming interview: Master of Puppets: The Future of Britain-Ben Rubin - Thursday 3rd August at 1pm

UK Column series: The Great Net Zero Debate—Sandi Adams: Net Zero in Context

New book: Their Terrifying Plan by Vernon Coleman—18 July 2023 

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Syria Updates: Military Escalation

41:40 Vanessa Beeley on Substack:  Syria updates—military escalation

Wikipedia: Al-Tanf (U.S. military base)

Believe In Syria (Telegram): A 27-year-old shepherd was kidnapped and 300 sheep were stolen and taken into to the depths of the Syrian desert by a group of ISIS cells

Al Arabiya English service: Foreign ministers of Iran, Syria meet in Tehran

Seyed Mohammad Marandi (Twitter): 

The region is much closer to war than what most people think. The Israeli and US regimes should not underestimate the resolve of the Resistance. They and their interests are vulnerable across the region.


Drag For Children Defended By Oxford Councillor Ajaz Rehman

50:55 E-mail reply: Re: Oxford City Council funding support for T(ART) Productions

Yahoo: Council sponsored drag camp to help children find 'drag voice'

Oxford Mail: Oxford council sponsors week long 'drag camp' for children

Oxford Council: Councillor Ajaz Rehman


UK Column Viewer Spots: Gas Stasi

56:33 NSPCC: We're training gas engineers to recognise signs of abuse and neglect (also covered in Debi Evans' latest blog)

Cadent Gas: New partnership with the NSPCC

NO2NP: Say No to the Named Person Scheme