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Debi Evans Blog: 1 August 2023

As arsonists appear to set light to Greece, our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. As the United Nations proclaim an era of ‘global boiling’, Michael Gove MP has still carried on with his holiday on the Greek island of Evia—I wonder what he knows that we don't? However, in Phoenix, Arizona, as temperatures are said to be soaring, refrigerated mortuaries are being brought in as backup. However, with a population of 1,608,139 as of 2020, and with 25 sadly reported as having died from heat related causes, I hardly think that back-up mortuaries would be needed in that city.  

The Fab Four—Tony, Cherie, Bill and Melinda

Many other media outlets appear to be catching up with UK Column on numerous fronts. The Future of Britain is clearly now in the hands of Sir Tony Blair. The Telegraph ran with the headline “Tony Blair is preparing to run Britain again, and Starmer might just let him”. After watching them both mutually salivate in appreciation of each other, I could easily see who the ‘master of puppets’ was, and it wasn’t Starmer.   With that said, if you are wondering what will be in the 2024 Labour manifesto, look no further than the, ‘Tony Blair Institute for Global Change’, (the clue is in the name), where the future of Tony’s Britain is already mapped out. Did you know Sir Tony has his very own charity, too?   Has anyone noticed the connection between Sir Tony, Lady Cherie and Sir Bill and Melinda Gates? The fab four (it may be fab six if you include Bill and Hilary Clinton) share many common goals, whether it is finance, vaccines, climate change, CBDC or simply whether you drive you car, it all appears to be in their hands—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg   The connections don’t stop there although ultimately it appears foursomes aren’t too successful in the 21st century; Beatles, Royalty fab four and now the fab philanthropic 4 become 3, with the recent divorce of Bill and Melinda. As Tony and Bill continue in their pursuit for world domination, Blair’s wife and and Gates’ ex-wife continue to bang the ‘successful women entrepreneurs’ agenda.   Interestingly, both women specifically focus on entrepreneurial women from underdeveloped countries, and entice them to the shores of the USA or UK with the promise of a university scholarship and a bright future. Not many people would turn their nose up at that. Lady Blair’s foundation is called the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. And Melinda Gates, who has just opted to remain Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has her own pet project just for women. Oliver Down, Current Affairs Correspondent for 'Unity News Network' wrote this very revealing article. And meanwhile, the money just keeps on rolling in.    So who feeds whom? Who relies on whom? Who pulls whose strings? Neither, is the answer. They coexist and cling like parasites to each other and every one of us. Blair has the political connections and a country to call his own, Gates has all that is required to set Tony’s plan for the ‘Future of Britain’ into action. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.   The United Kingdom is far from united; it has been hijacked by criminals who are holding us all to ransom—a king’s ransom—but who exactly is the King and what are we the people going to do about it? The Future of Britain is in our hands, not that of Sir Tony. Time to ‘take back control’.  


Yes, it’s coming to that time of the year again. Flu has flown back with a vengeance in Australia, and what happens in the Southern hemisphere, I am told by the NHS Integration Board, happens in the northern hemisphere. So get ready, as your phone will be buzzing and pinging with reminders and invitations from the NHS, who are desperate to keep you safe and well, during what is predicted to be a terrible flu season.   So as not to overwhelm GPs (and in case, they are on strike), hubs will be erected to treat those struggling with respiratory problems. Much of this is because there has been such a low uptake on vaccines in the last few years (I can’t possibly think why). However, the fear is about to be ramped up again, so get ready for the performance to commence.   Perhaps it is just me who cannot go anywhere when I’ve had flu in the past? True flu will lay even a Royal Marine on his back for 5 days. Hubs! Could I get to a hub with flu? Would I even want to? Would anyone else want me to? Let’s cast our minds back 3 years when you couldn’t set foot outside your home because you may be incubating a ‘bug’. Now the NHS is actively encouraging you to mingle and sprinkle your bugs amongst others. Bizarre. Might people be getting sick because their immune systems have been shot to pieces after receiving a novel experimental jab, or should I not ask that question?    As the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) prepare for an American ‘tripledemic’ of Covid–19, flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), I am confident that the UK Health and Security Agency, together with the NHS, will be soon jumping on that same bandwagon here in the UK. Rest assured there are a plethora of new experimental flu jabs, injectables and aerosols to choose from this winter. In fact, one vaccine for flu just might help take the edge of RSV if you’re lucky!   You name it: whatever the problem, Big Pharma has the solution, never mind that it hasn’t been through proper safety checks and trials. Well done to those of you in the USA who appear to have ‘pandemic fatigue’ and are not keen on taking any more Covid–19 jabs. The message is being heard.   And just as we thought it was safe to allow our birds to roam free, avian flu is hitting the headlines again. The BBC spares no words in calling it a ‘catastrophe’. I have been keeping an eye out for birds, and I’m happy to report that I’m seeing as many as I ever do—a seagull never misses an opportunity to steal a chip or two from an unsuspecting holidaymaker in Cornwall or Devon.  

Covid–19 is allegedly back 

Has Covid–19 seized its opportunity to return with a vengeance? If it has, no one appears to be that bothered. However, according Boots (who appear to be another arm of the State) have announced that Covid–19 test kit sales have increased by a third and the UKHSA is announcing a slight rise in intensive care admissions.   Who in their right mind is still testing for Covid–19? Who is even getting Covid–19? Could it be those who have received multiple boosters? After all, according to Dr Naomi Wolf, the third most serious adverse reaction post injection is Covid–19 itself. Each to their own.   


If you get flu and can’t get to a hub, don’t worry, your hospital bed is already assured—you won’t have far to go because it’s your bed and it’s in your bedroom. As we have been warning for many months, ‘hospital at home’ has arrived. Disguised as a ‘virtual ward’, 10,000 people will be nursed ‘virtually’, and this is just the start. If you are elderly, have dementia or are vulnerable, the NHS is assuming you have the correct knowledge and equipment to be able to facilitate your ‘virtual care’. Those with heart failure will be cared for at home in the very near future too, which is about one million beds saved.   But how many lives? As junior doctors announce that strike action will continue indefinitely and consultants are expected to announce more strikes, there won’t be any medical staff to look after you even if you are admitted to a proper hospital!  

Sir Chris Whitty goes nuclear

I do like to keep abreast of what Sir Christopher is up to. I was not surprised to see his talk being billed at Gresham College in the autumn. Formerly the Gresham Professor of Physics at Gresham College (2018–2022), he is—no surprise—still a regular lecturer at that highly influential London academic institution.   As part of Gresham’s series of lectures under the banner of Medicine After Disasters, this year his topic is “Reducing harms after Nuclear, Radiological and Chemical Incidents”. Is there something we should know about? After all, he is our Chief Medical Officer. Perhaps he should be telling us about the people who pay his salary, or whether we should be preparing for an ‘incident’? This is the billing:
Nuclear, radiological and chemical incidents have the potential to cause major harm. The risk of nuclear and radiological events causing health effects can usually be significantly reduced by relatively simple measures, which are based on the properties of the chemicals released, especially at a distance from the incident. Chemicals that can cause harm, such as organophosphate and mustard chemicals, need to be understood to mitigate the risks and establish medical countermeasures.
  The lecture is due to take place at Barnard’s Inn Hall at 6 pm on 28 November 2023. For those of you who would like to attend and watch online, you can register here.  

Virgin births

Simply by tweaking three genes, scientists can now effect a female fruit fly to have a ‘virgin’ birth, no male required. If you thought that was startling, this is just the tip of a very dark iceberg. Earlier in the year, a lonely spinster crocodile suddenly had 18 years of peace shattered when she gave birth in Costa Rica parthenogenetically. Female chickens, turkeys and even Komodo dragons can all give birth without the need of a partner. How long before men will not be needed to create human babies?  

Woman gives birth from transplanted womb

Medscape reports that a woman in Alabama who was born without a uterus has just become a mum. For women who cannot become pregnant or carry a baby till term, a uterine transplant may be the solution. A condition called Uterine Factor Infertility (UFI) could apparently affect up to 5% of women of reproductive age. There is no mention of the infertility stories that may be associated with the Covid–19 jab.   The woman, who is being called ‘Mallory’, received her donated uterus from a dead donor (there is no nice way of saying it). Apparently, she gave birth to a son in May. However, as with all transplants, ‘Mallory’ will need to take anti-rejection medications in order to stop her body rejecting the transplanted uterus, unless she opts out to have a hysterectomy eliminating the need for any therapy—a throwaway uterus, disposable almost. Anyone else feeling as uncomfortable as me?   


I seem to be on a bit of a mission against e-bikes, but for good reason. For as many weeks as I can remember, we have been warning our audience of the dangers of e-bikes, electric vehicles and equipment that relies on lithium-ion batteries. Charity organisation, Electrical Safety First has produced a damning report called Battery Breakdown:
There is growing concern over the rise in fatalities, injuries and devastating fires from electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric scooters (e-scooters). Tragically the first three months of 2023 alone, fires from lithium-ion batteries used to power these devices had already taken four lives in the UK, left others hospitalised or seriously injured and caused extensive damage.
  The charity warn that e-bikes should come under the same regulations as fireworks. I check the news every week and never a week goes by without a tragic loss of life or injury as a result of e-bikes or e-cars. This week is no different; an e-bike "exploded like a grenade and fire ripped through a family’s home”. Last week, a cargo ship off the coast of the Netherlands burst into flames killing one crew member and injuring others.   Although, at the time of writing, the cause of the fire is unknown, it is perhaps not rocket science not to think that having 498 electric vehicles on board was perhaps not helpful. I wonder whether anyone has informed Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin that arming our soldiers with e-bikes and then attaching pyrotechnics onto them in the form of rocket launchers may well end up launching the bike and rider into space. I don’t think anyone has thought this through.  

Gas engineers reframed as social workers spying on your family

Gas engineers visit thousands of homes every year. What better way to employ an army of ‘safeguarding’ expert spies? 18,000 gas engineers and ‘gas employees’ are being trained to spot signs of abuse and neglect in children. I thought that was what the domestic police known as Social Services were for; I must have been mistaken.   According to the NSPCC, 60,000 calls were made to its helpline from adults including ‘utility workers’ reporting concerns. Perhaps when you next need your boiler serviced or your new heat pump installed, you may like to ask friends or granny to mind the kids, unless of course you trust a gas engineer to assess your situation accurately.  

Retinal scans / Worldcoin project

ChatGTP founder Sam Altman is reported to be planning on scanning “every retina in the world in exchange of cryptocurrency”—25 Worldcoin tokens, to be precise. The Worldcoin Project, or ‘the eyeball’ to lesser mortals, is in fact an ‘eye-scanning orb’ which will give users a unique digital identity to verify if they are human and not a bot! Once verified, the user can make payments, purchases and transfers.   What could be easier to enable the ‘invisible’ others to have their ‘eyes on you’ (pun intended)? Eyes wide shut for me, thanks. Yet in Tokyo, queues of the eager were forming. But don’t worry; you don't need to travel to Asia to be an eyeball payer, as the technology is also being made available in the UK and India. However, rest assured, Sam: the Information Commissioner's Office has its eyeballs on you.  


Someone else with eyeballs on you is FACEWATCH, the ‘trusted name in retail crime prevention’. It brands itself as the UK’s leading facial recognition retail security company, using facial recognition to safeguard business. According to its website, FACEWATCH is the only shared national facial recognition service.   Secret plans by the Home Office, seen by the Observer, indicate the roll-out of facial recognition into our high streets, supermarkets and shops, in order to deter shoplifters. However, clearly this is not about shoplifting; this is another ploy to track us, monitor us, trace us and survey us. Yes, it’s official, Britain officially has a ‘big brother’ with his eyes firmly on you.   If you are on holiday, whether it be on home turf or away, please enjoy yourself and laugh a lot—it’s good exercise for the face and great for the soul. Be prepared, not scared!   God bless and safe travels, Debi     Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. Matthew 25:1–4