UK Column News - 29th March 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


UK Artificial Intelligence Enabling Regulation: Clear the Decks for the Unfeeling Mind with No Will

00:29 Government launches AI white paper to guide the use of artificial intelligence in the UK

UK Government policy paper: A pro-innovation approach to AI regulation 

Related UK Column interview: Where there’s no will, there’s no way: Why artificial intelligence will never rule the world—Transcribed / Soundcloud podcast


Society 5.0: "New wisdom"

07:38 Stephanie calls Jeremy Vine and puts him on the spot

UN: Sustainable Development Goals—17 Goals to Transform our World

TED Talk: 5th industrial revolution—Humanity, Purpose, and Inclusivity

TED Talk: Pratik Gauri—The Sustainability Centric Fifth Industrial Revolution

Pratik Gauri’s website

Pratik Gauri, WEF Agenda Contributor

Digital Transformation: Prof. Yuko Harayama on "Key values of Society 5.0"

WEF: Modern society has reached its limits. Society 5.0 will liberate us

Japan Cabinet Office: What is Society 5.0?

Society 5.0: concept video bigging up the role of AI

Japan House London: Society 5.0—A new model for an ageing society?

Society 5.0 President Dr. Yıldız Tuğba Kara received “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” Award at the Women [sic] Economic Forum, Bangalore 2020 Global Summit (announcement mis-spells "Bangalore")

Women [sic] Economic Forum


Tenth Day of Mass French Protests; Dutch Farmers' Situation Unresolved

28:15 French protesters march in Paris on the tenth day of nationwide strikes

El PaísLaurent Berger is the general secretary of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), the largest French trade union

Peter Sweden on Substack: Young Dutch Farmer—The State Wants To Seize his Farm

Michael Yon’s Newsletter—Netherlands: Eva [Vlaardingerbroek] Takes Lead Tractor Despite Warnings

UK Column article by Rafael Benjamin: Ultimately, the Netherlands has no actual constitution—Part 1

UK Column article by Philip Ridley on Tobias Ellwood's serving of two masters: 77th Brigade and the Parliamentary Conflict of Interest


Viewers' Heartening E-mails

39:04 UK Column Community

UK Column shop

AV13 Event Ticket sales

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Redland Green School, Bristol: Local MP takes questions on impartiality of the BBC questions from 15-year-olds

Professor Susan Michie: 

The UK government’s attempt to frighten people into covid protective behaviours was at odds with its scientific advice

Residents versus Colchester City Council, 21 March 2023—footage of these next-level campaigning citizens against electric vehicle-pushing was shown to UK Column subscribers in Extra Time

Debi Evans Blog: 28 March 2023


Ukraine: “Send in Another Hollywood Role Model!”

42:50 Twitter replies to the Ministry of Defence’s boasts

Daily Mail: Orlando Bloom tells President Zelensky 'the strength of the Ukrainians is awe-inspiring'

Brian Gerrish casualties in Ukraine: latest assessment 

Telegraph: Ukraine may not be able to reclaim Crimea by force, US says

Independent: Watch as Blinken holds news conference after meeting Russian foreign minister

Tony Blair: Putin can't use Iraq invasion as justification for Ukraine

New York Times—Stolen Valor: The U.S. Volunteers in Ukraine Who Lie, Waste and Bicker

NZ Herald: Kiwi fighter Kane Te Tai reportedly killed in Ukraine 

UK Column article by Kristoffer Hell—Nuclear expert [Chris Busby]: Depleted uranium may already be in use in Ukraine


US Attacked in Syria—But There Are "No US Forces in Syria", Apparently 

57:43 Attack on a US base in north east Syria on 23 March: UK Government statement 

John Kirby on national security concerns about TikTok, response to attacks on U.S. bases in Syria

A good journalist asks the right questions to UN spokesman Faran Haq:

Do you think the US military presence in Syria is illegal or not?

Clueless response—“There’s no US armed forces inside of Syria”


Global Defence Union: Britannia the Defence Fairy

1:01:26 UK and EU to formally adopt the Windsor Framework

Schuman Security and Defence Forum website

UK Ministry of Defence: 9 partner nations have come together to train Ukrainian recruits on the UK-led training programme


What Happened To Covid?

1:06:08 UK Column article by Simon Elmer: Whatever Happened to the ‘Pandemic’?

We had lockdown deaths, not Covd-19 deaths.

UK Column comment by Iain Davis: The Lockdown Files Psyop


NHS Staffing Collapse

1:11:01 Debi notes that the Covid–19 jab rollout is still injecting people

Prof. Susan Michie blocks Debi on Twitter

The Sun: Urgent warning as high street chemists on red alert over low supplies of Calpol and other everyday medicines

NHS treats hundreds with gaming disorders

NHS patients with rare genetic disorders to be fast-tracked to earlier diagnosis and specialist care

Debi thanks JesusElemental on Twitter

Guardian‘I’ve given all I can’: NHS staff on why they might quit

Mail: NHS staff shortages in England could exceed 570,000 by 2036, leaked document warns

Guardian: Plan to recruit Nepal nurses for NHS puts them ‘at risk of exploitation’

Telegraph: NHS trust struggling with staffing advertises better-paid roles in Saudi Arabia 

Public spending during the Covid-19 pandemic: Research Briefing, published Tuesday, 29 March 2022

The TimesServants, yachts and Rolex selfies: the lives of NHS agency chiefs


And Finally: Methinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much—Debi Finally Gets a Non-Denial From Cornwall Council

1:19:06 Cornwall Council CEO Ms Kate Kennally rumoured to be due to resign to join a Westminster think tank

Council's panicked response to Debi's query becomes the story

Oppression Olympics: Kate Kennally talks about her sexuality for International Women's Day