UK Column News - 26th April 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Professor Norman Fenton.


​​Ukraine-Russia War; Sudan Escalation

​​00:25 UK Government launches evacuation flights for British nationals from Sudan 

​​UK government's press release on Sudan

​​UK sends thousands of tank shells, including depleted uranium ones, to Kyiv

​​UK needs to understand consequences of giving Ukraine depleted-uranium rounds — Lavrov

​​Weeb Union’s latest reports on the Russia-Ukraine war

​​The Times: Echoes of Stalingrad as casualties stream from battle for Bakhmut


​​NHS Destruction Progresses

​​11:14 Voluntary scheme for branded medicines pricing and access (VPAS)

​​NHE: World-leading pharmaceutical deal to save NHS £7bn by end of 2023

​​MHRA Chair Stephen Lightfoot Standing Down–After almost 8 years as a Board Member, Stephen has decided to step down on 11 July 2023

​​Cornwall Live: NHS introduces radical changes to how GPs work and it will affect millions

​​Sky News: Nurses' strike: Health Secretary Steve Barclay says he is 'left with no choice but to proceed with legal action'

​​Nurses’ leader blasts Steve Barclay over ‘disgraceful’ use of legal action to stop strike

​​Steve Barclay vows to halt horror of sex attacks in hospitals: Health Secretary calls urgent meeting with NHS chiefs following revelation that dozens of patients are raped and sexually assaulted every week

​​The Independent: Hundreds of nurses and other health workers disciplined over sex assaults or abuse

​​Nurses to wear body cameras in crackdown on hospital sexual assaults 

​​NHS England rolls out its ‘lung trucks’

​​WHO: Get monkeypox jabs ahead of ‘kink and fetish events’

​​All ministers and advisors who played a significant part in Covid crisis response will be told to hand over their WhatsApp messages to public inquiry, chairman announces

​​Valiant News: Biden Teams Up With Bill Gates For $5 Billion Vaccine Project, Successor To ‘Operation Warp Speed’

​​Parliament TV


​​Health: Mainstream Media Admit What UK Column Has Said From The Start

​​28:41 David Scott’s Tweet to NHS Lanarkshire asking about early pregnancy losses

​​Daily Mail: Face masks may raise risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to build-up of carbon dioxide, study warns

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​​Debi Evans Blog: 25 April 2023

​​UK Column streamed interview tomorrow, Thursday 27 April at 1 pm: Bob Seys and Thetford community fight 20-minute neighbourhoods

​​UK Column streamed interview announcement: Tuesday 2 May at 1 pm with Professor Norman Fenton

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​​“Child Safety” A Cynical Pretext To Attack Your Privacy

​​36:17 Plymouth Live: Plymouth man banned from taking the council to court for two years

​​Rishi Sunak defends Online Safety Bill amid end-to-end encryption fears

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​​Guardian: (2016) Story of cities #34: the struggle for the soul of Milton Keynes

​​Teesside Live: Keir Starmer calls on government to answer Teesworks questions after MP alleges 'industrial-scale corruption'

​​Yahoo! News: Teesworks businessmen challenge MP to go to police following inflammatory speech

​​About Teesworks

​​E-mail to UK Column about housing in Colorado


​​Statement From The BoE: You’ll Be Poorer

​​51:03 Bank of England economist says people need to accept they are poorer

​​Bank of England pumps an extra £100bn into UK economy. Huw Pill earns £180,000 per year

​​Evening Standard: Dominic Cummings posts job advert calling for 'super-talented weirdos' and 'wild cards' to work for Boris Johnson

​​Sunak cuts £2bn from R&D budget but will fund Cummings science agency

​​Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA)


​​Guest: Professor Norman Fenton 

​​57:53 Relevant UK Column Interview: Professor Norman Fenton questions vaccine data analysis

​​Steve Kirsch's newsletter

​​Norman Fenton—YouTube


​​Is The Public Sector The Same As The Civil Service?

​​1:06:31 Guardian: Tories consider controversial plan to politicise civil service after Raab scandal

​​Civil Service World: Francis Maude is back in the ring. Here's what he should bear in mind as he looks at civil service accountability

​​UK Parliament Research Briefing: Eurosceptic campaigns alleging the abolition of Westminster (Published Thursday, 20 November, 2008)

​​ is a website for Common Purpose research

​​Telegraph: (2013) David Cameron officially declares that he is patron of an initiative run by Common Purpose, a charity linked to the campaign for tougher regulation of the press


​​And Finally: Imagine A World Where Your Doctor Asks ChatGPT What’s Wrong With You

​​1:17:55 Google and DeepMind just launched MedPaLM, a large language model