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Debi Evans Blog: 25 April 2023

This week, I would like to ring the changes a bit and offer my opinion on two subjects dear to my heart. I know I have written many times of the state of the NHS and mRNA technology, but I feel it's about to get worse. So for this week’s blog, I am offering my opinion on both subjects. Let’s start with the NHS. The clues can be found in the NHS Long Term Plan.



My message to the rest of the world is that the NHS is dead. With primary health care and secondary health care in free fall, the citizens of the (dis) United Kingdom have no access to a safe or effective health care system. I cannot say it plainer than that. An island nation with a diverse and dense population, entrenched in a dangerous health care system that they never asked to be imprisoned within, whose medical records belong not to them, but to the State.

As if that wasn't bad enough, what little is on offer in the NHS is not accessible to those who are most in need of it. The NHS was the ‘jewel’ in the UK’s crown. So many times I have heard people from other countries applaud the NHS. Aren’t we lucky to have such a fantastic free health care system, with the best experts from the best medical schools and universities? No complicated, expensive insurance premiums to find and no one we need to fight in order to get the care that’s need–it’s all given to us on a gold platter. No one is turned away. Wow, what a gift! Or is it?

To the rest of the world, the United Kingdom likes to boast the title of ‘Global Superpower in Life Sciences’. To those of us living in the United Kingdom, what this actually means in reality is that we have all been nominated by the Government to become the lab rats for the rest of the world.

It’s like a developed country living in a third world reality with regards to healthcare. Not only is our one and only health system on its knees, it is unsafe, ineffective and dangerous. Do the rest of the world know or even care? Whilst the population in the UK struggle to access any medical help, advice or treatment, it is very easy to get an appointment for a vaccine that isn’t really a vaccine. The spring booster campaign is in full swing here in the UK—grab a jab now, there’s room for everyone. The song from Mary Poppins, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" was in reference to the polio inoculation using a sugar cube. Who remembers that?

As we rush to genome sequence and test everyone early for a seemingly endless list of diseases and illnesses, we have nothing to offer the tortured individuals who are told they have a new diagnosis that they were completely unaware of. Strike early, is the message from the NHS. But with more than 7 million on the waiting list, how? What it really means is that the NHS will strike you down with fear and then place you on a waiting list where you will be parked, until there is a slot with your name on it—but when will that be? Many, in desperation, are already seeking private care, and others are using their life savings to seek answers to their problems.

And just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, there are more nurses and junior doctors strikes. The Royal College of Nurses (RCN) have announced further strike dates after rejecting a 5% pay increase. Hospital managers, unable to cover staffing shortages, have demanded that the Government block them from taking action. 

Steve Barclay, Health Minister, is in the process of legally challenging the RCN to establish if they have a mandate for its two day walkout from 30 April to 2 May. Of course Pat Cullen, Head of RCN, said they would never act illegally and has accused Mr Barclay of making nurses look like criminals. Tensions are rising and hostilities increasing—neither qualities helpful in peace talks or negotiations. But despite all this, junior doctors warn that their strikes may continue for years. What help is this to the populous of the United Kingdom who need medical attention? No help at all. The NHS no longer exists, and safe healthcare in the UK appears to be extinct.

The UK Government, aided by the unelected of the World Health Organisation, The World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Bank, Philanthropic organisations et al, has deliberately planned to dismantle and destroy the NHS at the cost of the British people. They have volunteered each and every one of us for the biggest real life human experiment in history. And if you think Covid–19 was the experiment, you would be wrong. Covid–19 was phase one of the experiment. There is plenty more to come, and the UK is the bullseye in the globalists dart board for life sciences. So with that said, let’s move on to my second opinion piece about mRNA.


mRNA Technology

Welcome to the age of mRNA. mRNA technology is complex, so this is just a brief introduction as to why, in my opinion, we should all be saying NO to this, and why I’ll be running a million miles away from all of it.

Messenger RiboNucleic Acid, otherwise known as mRNA technology, has become part of our everyday vocabulary—but what is it in simple terms? Similar to the chicken and egg issue, there is still much debate about what came first, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or RNA? Many scientists believe RNA came first. The ‘m’ in mRNA stands for ‘messenger’, appropriate given that it delivers codes and instructions to other cells.

The reason many of us will have heard of mRNA is because it is being used in many of the ‘Covid–19 vaccines’, with Pfizer and Moderna being prime examples. Many people think mRNA is a specific drug, it is not. It is an entirely new platform, a new operating system never been used before. It is the biggest transformation in ‘medicines’ ever. An operating system that, in my opinion, should never have seen the light of day.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is what makes us who we are. It is a molecule that contains all our genes. It is coded using just 4 letters; A, C, G and T. For mRNA, the clue is in the word ‘messenger’, carrying genetic information from the blueprint of you via protein codes within your DNA, held within the nucleus to the protein production point in the cell - the ribosomes. This process determines what colour your eyes and hair are along with other distinguishing characteristics that makes you unique. When you think of ribosomes, imagine a specialist house builder; ribosomes are the specialist builders of proteins. Cells rely on proteins to build their structures and carry out many of their functions for the body to function. The ‘recipes’ or instructions for making proteins are locked in the nucleus containing the DNA, and the mRNA copies the code for each protein. This is a constant finely balanced natural manufacturing system within the body.

Essentially, mRNA is a molecule our bodies naturally produce, as are the natural lipids it needs in order to allow the mRNA to be transported to where it needs to go. Our bodies really are amazing. mRNA is not new and has been around for a very long time, until one day in the 1960’s, scientists started to experiment with it in order to make it themselves. One of the reasons you may not have heard about it is because it has been kept secret, and it has only ever produced death in animals when it has been used. To be clear, Natural mRNA and natural lipids are produced by the body naturally. Synthetic mRNA and synthetic nanolipids have been created outside the body, unaturally.

There have been no long term safety studies on synthetic mRNA, but we know synthetic mRNA cannot work without synthetic nanolipids—they are dependent on one another. In order for synthetic mRNA to get into the cell, it has to be encased in synthetic lipid nanoparticles (LNP) enabling it to get through the cell's membranes. There are 4 types of lipid nanoparticles, one example is the very toxic SM102 found in the Moderna vaccine. Any genetic code can be sent into your cells by the miracles of synthetic mRNA and synthetic LNP, whether it be malaria, HIV, herpes, cancer or any other code for a disease or pathogen. Does that instill confidence?

Whilst mRNA may, to some scientists, have shone brightly as the ‘ideal vaccine’ candidate, we should remember the dangers of mRNA vaccines and that all that glitters is definitely not gold. With a multitude of serious adverse reactions and deaths reported by vaccine recipients and their families, one can understand why there is a huge shift into ‘vaccine hesitancy’, and for good reason. Combined with multi complex storage, freezing and distribution problems, mRNA was never going to be a safe and effective option, as many have found to their cost.


How does mRNA affect ‘vaccines’? 

mRNA is of enormous interest to those who make vaccines. In fact, the Covid–19 vaccine was created in 48 hours on a computer and then underwent 6-9 months of clinical testing where all three phases were conducted at the same time. So that’s 48 hours compared with 10-15 years to get a drug to market. With the advent of accelerated clinical trials and the 100 Day Mission, the days of intense safety testing are long gone. The main aim of a ‘vaccine’ (please bear with me as I can hear you all shouting at the screen, “It’s not a vaccine!” I agree, however, to be clear I have to use those words for others who may not realise that yet) is to re boot your immune system to react to a ‘germ’ (I know, that word germ again) so that if it should invade your body, you have everything you need already on board to fight it off.

Scientists, despite the disastrous history, decided to continue with this mRNA madness and introduce mRNA into the Covid–19 vaccines to make spike protein. The theory behind it is to force the immune system to generate antibodies that will protect them should they become exposed to the ‘virus’ (caveat: I am a terrain theory girl, however I must write in terms that others will identify with to avoid confusion). What happens to the synthetic mRNA after injection? It is destroyed by the cell…allegedly. Introducing the code to make a ‘spike protein’ using synthetic mRNA technology coated with synthetic nanolipids was, in many experts’ opinions, irresponsible, experimental and highly dangerous.

Currently, synthetic mRNA and synthetic nanolipids are being used in Covid–19 vaccines and rolled out with no safety data, no long term safety studies and a catastrophically disastrous history when used in animals. By using mRNA in vaccines, scientists are effectively turning our cells into unnatural individual vaccine manufacturing factories. I certainly didn’t sign up for that!

How safe is synthetic mRNA? The simple answer, in my opinion and that of many experts, is that it isn’t. How effective is synthetic mRNA? Again, it isn’t—it is too dangerous ever to be considered effective, in my opinion. Should children and pregnant women be taking mRNA? Absolutely not. Should anyone be receiving mRNA? Again, in my opinion, no.

The Dose makes the Poison: 1 microgram (μg) is equal to 1/1000 milligram (mg). Did you know that every Pfizer jab contains 30μg mRNA, whereas every Moderna jab contains 100μg mRNA? Let that sink in. Even more terrifying is that Moderna is being targeted at young people and babies. No wonder we are seeing so many serious adverse reactions, sudden deaths of youngsters and multiple cases of myocarditis. Could it be related to the jabs?

Despite Pfizer testing 10μg; 20μg and 30μg of mRNA in double injection and single injections, the efficacy was the same but side effects increased with the dose. Regular UK Column viewers may remember CEO MHRA, Dame June Raine (at 04:55 mins) talking of the importance of dose in relation to serious adverse reactions. She stressed how vital it was to reduce the dose in order to reduce or eliminate serious adverse reactions. Perhaps her age is affecting her memory as she seems to have forgotten the validity of her own words. Many experts say mRNA should never have been used in any dose in humans or animals ever, it’s that simple. But money talks. The more of anything you use, the greater the cost, which implies that manufacturers are guilty of severe medical malpractice. Moderna are quadrupling the cost of their jabs. Stephane Bancel CEO of Moderna must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Recently, I had the good fortune to interview Dr Thomas Binder, a cardiologist from Switzerland. His message, to those who have already succumbed to being jabbed with any Covid–19 injection and particularly those with mRNA technology, is not to panic and not to take anymore. The more you have, the sicker you could become as the risk of serious adverse reaction increases. His message is simple; just say NO. For those who have continued to refuse any of the Covid–19 injections, please continue to stand your ground and stay away from mRNA at all costs. 


Is mRNA here to stay? 

In my opinion, yes it is. Precision medicine and mRNA go hand in hand. The transformation of medicine as we knew it has been catapulted into the dystopia we are all finding ourselves living in. The mad scientists responsible for bringing us personalised ‘novel’ experimental medicine such as mRNA, monoclonal antibodies and anti-virals, knew the consequences when they rolled these lethal injections and therapeutics out, and they aren’t about to stop. Covid–19 was just the start. The age of mRNA has arrived. Whatever disorder or disease you have, from cancer to ageing skin wrinkles, genital herpes to flu, mRNA will have a role to play. Expect multivalent mRNA injections soon, and Flu and Covid19 mRNA combinations. It is set to transform our lives forever.

It is important to remember that many scientists (but thankfully not all) genuinely believe that mRNA is the answer to all our prayers. Have you ever witnessed footage of sharks during a ‘feeding frenzy’? I can only use that as an analogy for the amount of excitement and interest mRNA technology has aroused in our mad scientists—it’s off the scale. The reason being is that mRNA is extremely quick, cheap and easy to make. The wild claims that mRNA will transform humanity and save the world are nothing more than dangerous delusions. Who will get there first? Who will stand to make most out of mRNA? It certainly won’t be us. The race is on and it’s a crowded field of runners and riders, however, currently Moderna and Pfizer are leading the way

Science is never still, it is always moving and is always a matter for debate and challenge. But in 2023 we appear to have found ourselves in a new scientific world where debate or challenge is not allowed or welcomed. Should any of us wish to challenge or debate the ‘science’, we will be censored, silenced or punished. What kind of science is that? Pseudoscience, I would argue. 


To summarise

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m concerned that those who I can only describe as ‘’mad’ scientists have both, the will and the way. Personally, I will be keeping away from it. In my opinion, the recipes should be put in the fire never to see the light of day again. Moderna have just announced that their brand new mRNA manufacturing and distribution factory will be opening in Oxfordshire. The British Government are heavily invested in mRNA technology and it would appear that the UK has become a living human laboratory, with its citizens the living human lab rats. At what price? A high one, I predict—and there is no opt out clause.

Sniff it, drink it, eat it, inject it or breathe it. mRNA is here to stay unless we all say no.  


And finally

Did you receive your emergency alert on Sunday courtesy of the King’s Government? I didn’t as I had switched it off in my phone settings. I did, however, go to our local Sunday market with my camera poised ready to film what happened. Disappointingly, it was nothing more than a damp squib. The tanoy system first warned everyone at 10 minutes to 3pm. When phones did start to make a noise, people were more interested in switching the alerts off rather than reading the message or acknowledging they had received it. Many I spoke to afterwards have decided to switch alerts off permanently. So what did this event achieve? From my observation, those who received the alert stopped what they were doing to focus on their phones, but only to switch the alert off. I wonder how many actually read the message.

I hope you can take some time out this week to enjoy some sunshine. Spend time with those you love and make preparations for all eventualities. I feel the King’s Coronation may spell an acceleration of events. Challenge the media (including us), and check out the facts for yourself. Find your own truth. And above all, have faith in yourself and your gut feelings.

Until next week,

God Bless



Numbers 6:25-26 KJV.

25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.

26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.