UK Column News - 21st November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.

Special guest for one segment: Scottish Family Party leader Richard Lucas


Slava Ukraïni—with yet another British Prime Minister

00:29 Rishi Sunak’s “deeply humbling” first visit to Ukraine to pledge £50 million of your money

MoD tweet: lighters for troops training in Britain, engraved with message for heroes

So, the Ukrainian push to Kherson was not enough for peace after all; was Sunak dispatched to be the stop-peace man?

03:15 Barron’s: Poland says it will not allow the Russian delegation to the OSCE talks [Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe]

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova: This violates the OSCE Rules of Procedure and causes irreparable damage to the institution’s reputation

05:23 BBC says Ukraine is winning—Ukraine war: Hope returns to Kherson after Russian forces leave

Yahoo! NewsUkraine begins evacuation from Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts [southern regions of Ukraine] (syndicated report from Ukraïnska Pravda)

Ukrainian deputy prime minister Iryna Vereshchuk issues statement on voluntary evacuation to western Ukraine for all who want it—tacit admission that the south-east is lost

Pravda (Ukraine): Residents of liberated Kherson Oblast are urged to evacuate—Kherson Oblast [regional] head Yaroslav Yanushevych statement admits desperation remains and calls for thousands of left-behind “collaborators” to be “punished”

Yet the above BBC report suggests all is a jolly liberation knees-up

David Scott commentary: Mass evacuation being described as “optimistic”—a new low

Daily News (Ukraine) and Kyiv Independent: Ministry of Economy confirms that at least 5 million Ukrainians have lost their jobs due to the war

Tetyana Berezhna, Deputy Minister of the Economy, speaks of 7 million having left the country due to hostilities

On-screen backstory: Berezhna’s LinkedIn profile includes an internship in the Parliament of Canada

On-screen backstory: Another deputy economy minister has held managerial positions with a US-headquartered firm

UkrInform: War leaves 53% of Ukrainians unemployed—note dateline: 24 March (just a month into the war)

Some sources are now saying over 50% of Ukrainian electricity generation is down


Migration to Ireland—and onwards to Britain?

13:36 Clip—Dublin migration: busload exclusively of Ukrainian men; no women or children—these men how have free access to Britain

15:15 BBC: Solve worker shortage with immigration, says boss of Confederation of British Industry (a body representing big business, not SMEs)

David Scott commentary: No thought given to increasing the productivity of British workers instead


West Bank violence

18:31Times of Israel: ‘Shameful’: Israelis assault troops, initiate clashes with Palestinians in Hebron

David Scott commentary: This is not a description of the whole population; there are plenty of Israeli citizens who pose for selfies with Israeli troops

Jerusalem Post: [Former Foreign Minister] Tzipi Livni: Israeli attacks against IDF [Israeli Defence Force] soldiers likely to increase

David Scott commentary: Even this more conservative newspaper admits that violence is typically initiated by Israelis; a significant shift in the culture of West Bank Jewish communities

Plug for David’s recent Bob Murphy interview, Prof. Richard Ennos interview and musician Brad Skistimas interview


American justice for sale

24:56 Reuters: Report of second major U.S. Supreme Court leak draws calls for probe—Republican Party Evangelical donors allegedly tipped a nod ahead of time over dinner about the Hobby Lobby ruling (important to Evangelicals)

Mark Anderson analysis: The media establishment is now doing everything it can to call US judicial legitimacy into question, after the huge blow of losing half a century of having a reliably socially liberal Supreme Court


Repudiation of woke in Canada—but Trump’s henchmen become born-again globalists

30:38 Good news: Canadian military officers give standing ovation to truth about leaders dividing society rather than uniting it

National Post—John Robson: The retired general who spoke truth about Canadian wokeness

Ottawa Citizen: Canadian Forces officers applaud speech slamming Canada’s climate change policies, cancel culture, weak leaders

34:35 Mike Pence’s lecture tour for launch of new book

[Former] Vice President Mike Pence on America’s Role in the World—hybrid lecture, 28 November

Mark Anderson commentary: Will Pence shun Trump and turn globalist when he addresses the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (now just called the Chicago Council)? Another former America First advocate, Jim Mattis, has already done so

American Free Press (Mark Anderson article): ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis bites the hand of former boss and sells his soul to globalism



37:42 Clip: Health Secretary Steve Barclay challenged on the BBC on soaring Accident & Emergency waiting time

40:40 Mike Robinson’s weekly look at all-cause mortality data from the ONS

Telegraph: True impact of Covid on cancer patients revealed as excess deaths soar—not looking at the jabs

On-screen ONS graphs indicate that cancer is not a significant factor in excess mortality after all

Health FeedbackWhat can explain the excess mortality in the U.S. and Europe in 2022?—few journalists prepared to address the causes, even as they as the question

42:10 BBC exclusive: NHS chiefs in Scotland discuss having wealthy pay for treatment

Tweet by Edinburgh minister Humza Yousaf: SNP-led ScotGovt has never contemplated charging anyone, regardless of wealth, for treatment on NHS, never will

David Scott commentary: The Scottish Government is the least transparent organisation outside North Korea; if this turns out to be false, Yousaf will not be resigning

43:11 Update on Scottish residential school

Dundee Courier: Women’s ordeal at Fornethy House revealed in latest abuse allegations

David Scott commentary: The Courier has done some fine journalism exposing this horror

David shows a 1961 report and a 1972 report by the Glasgow Corporation (city council), which operated Fornethy House as a girls’ residence

It is evident from these that there are several more properties dotted around Scotland which could have seen similar abuse of boys and girls

46:10 Request for your experiences in such Scottish temporary-stay residential schools:

Recommended long read—Courier: Abused as children while on holiday in Angus, now these women want justice


Cancel culture discussion cancelled—guest segment with Scottish Family Party leader

47:45 Education Not Indoctrination event report: was scheduled for Civic House, Glasgow

Frank Furedi (leading British anti-woke academic) tweet: This was an important event. The previous venue cancelled [at the very last minute]

Times: Glasgow venue Civic House cancels booking for Education Not Indoctrination conference—“offensive to LGBTQ staff members”

Who might have instigated the cancellation? David Scott suggests Katy O’Grady (LinkedIn profile), whose work draws on the occult

Guest Richard Lucas joins the discussion: ”Schools are not supposed to be political indoctrination camps, but that’s what the Scottish Government has signed up to internationally”

Announcement by David: UK Column special on education on 15 December, including Richard Lucas of the Scottish Family Party

Scottish Union for Education being set up to act as a proper union for concerned educationalists

54:40 BBC Media Action has a major campaign on “equity, diversity and inclusion”

On screen: Substantial BBC Media Action document on this campaign from earlier in 2022

Brian Gerrish commentary: This will particularly target the young and vulnerable


How wokeness brings you war

Follow-up on Yuriy Sak, Ukrainian Armed Forces’ media advisor seen in uniform (see 16 November episode from around 20’ in): University of Oxford and University of Wolverhampton on his LinkedIn CV; his communications consultancy CFC focuses on “big-idea international projects”; links through to US Agency for Global Media (USAGM)

Brian Gerrish analysis: USAGM started in the Second World War; it is clear that controlled media are hoping to run the whole agenda in Ukraine to the West’s satisfaction

Reminder—BBC: Ukraine extends martial law by three months (archive report)

American ConservativeBlame the Deep State for Carnage in Ukraine


Off-the-scale hypocrisy: FTX did nothing worse than banks do

58:51 Financial TimesLet Crypto Burn—as if the mainstream banking system were any less charlatan than the bust FTX was

FT’s charge sheet against FTX: “lack of transparency, misuse of customer funds, related-party dealings, weak corporate governance and acceptance of phantom collateral”—could just as well be a description of the City of London or Wall Street

Transparency International: Who doesn’t know the Cayman Islands is a great place to hide money?—FTX used the Bahamas but suited bankers use other Caribbean domiciles

City AMSaturday Special: The biggest money laundering scandals in banking—litany of sins by a screed of high-street bank names

David Scott commentary: The rules brought in after each banking collapse are not our friend; they’re in place to protect the perpetrators


How America treats returning soldiers

1:03:03 US Army Times: “She was just doing her job”: Homeless vet loses service dog during arrest for panhandling (October 2021, Gastonia, North Carolina)

The Malinois dog that Charlotte police allowed to die, Sunshine Rae, was homeless veteran Joshua Rohrer’s government-prescribed PTSD treatment

Rohrer: “I lost my ability to believe in and function in society”

Clip: Bodycam footage of Rohrer’s callous 2021 arrest—police guffaw at Rohrer when he reminds them they are obliged by statute to let his dog come to the station with him

Update by Charlotte Observer: What happened to the officers?—Very little

Gaston GazetteGaston [County, North Carolina] starting veterans treatment court—pioneer concept to help traumatised soldiers out of crime

GoFundMe: Justice for Homeless Vet Joshua and Sunshine Rae—nearly at its $50,000 target

Mark Anderson commentary: These veteran abuses happen fundamentally because America now pins all its national pride on the military, having lost faith in any other strand of identity

Mark: ”It just shows you that supporting the police unconditionally is a very wrong-headed thing to do”

Recommended author (old colleague of Mark Anderson’s): William Norman Grigg, Against the Police State


Even Brexit politicians advocate petty thug rule

1:17:36 Plymouth LiveDelivery driver who dropped cigarette butt on floor slapped with hefty fine

Cllr Bill Wakeham, Plymouth City Council’s portfolio holder for environment and streets, resolutely defends the magistrates who imposed a £1,400 “littering” fine

Brian Gerrish commentary: Wakeham used to be a UKIP champion; what kind of freedom from tyranny did he ever advocate?

And Finally: Bob Moran’s latest cartoon—“Crushing It” (G20 head honchos trampling on freedom)

N.B.: Update from last week’s MHRA board meeting coverage: vaccine-injured Charlet Crichton and Adam Rowland (both now interviewed by Debi Evans—Adam Rowland interview out soon) invite BBC’s Marianna Spring to talk to them—will Spring label their experiences “disinformation” too?