UK Column News - 16th November 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


World War III narrowly averted again

00:28 Polish border village of Przewodów—two dead, broad crater and missile fragments: mainstream media decided on the spot it was the Russians

Brian Gerrish tours the Fleet Street headlines—extensive use of hearsay:
Times: Russians blamed for fatal strike on Poland

02:50 Independent: Putin’s war spills into Poland
Telegraph: Russian missile strikes Poland (no quotation marks)

04:08 Metro: 'Russian missiles' hit Poland
Guardian: Russian barrage strikes Ukraine amid claims missiles hit Poland
Express: Russian missiles kill 2 in Poland
Daily Star: dross

06:26 Twitter user writes that UK Column News can be relied upon to be more accurate
Images of missile fragments from Przewodów: S–300 fragments appear to be from Ukrainian stock
Only Poland and Ukraine have territory within S–300 firing range of the crash site 
Polish journalist Mariusz Gierszewski of Radio ZET, which broke the story in the first place, was already tweeting mid-evening that his security sources were telling him the S–300 missile from the Ukrainian Armed Forces

10:35 Mash (Telegram channel in Russian): S-300 is from Ukraine 
Ukrainian response: Foreign Minister Kuleba—"Conspiracy theory!"

11:15 Rishi Sunak statement: angry at Russia

12:55 Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg: NATO is monitoring facts
Sunak and Justin Trudeau call Zelensky from G20: using non-secure mobile phone

13:56 G7 statement speaks of "Russian aggression"
Ukraine does not possess the longest-range adaptation (120 km) of the S–300, a surface-to-surface variant, though Belarus does

16:33 While social media were carrying news quickly that the Russians were no longer suspected of responsibility for the missile strike, mainstream media dragged their heels—on purpose?

18:02 BBC and Zelensky eager for world war


Ukrainians retake Kherson

BBC's coverage feigns ignorance that it was the retreating Russians who blew up the Antonovsky Bridge

Communications consultant Yuri Sak wears uniform for BBC on-scene interview

BBC's Europe editor conflates issues in the causes of the war and affects not to know why peace negotiations broke down

26:44 Zelensky dials in to G20
Reuters: Zelenskiy urges G20 to adopt Ukraine's plan to restore peace

27:20 Aerial footage of Ukrainian SAMs hidden in farmer's barn being destroyed: will this reflexively be called a war crime? 


British Armed Forces have a bright future—in PESCO

28:39 Ministry of Defence announces new generation of frigates for Royal Navy: Type 26

29:25 UK joins PESCO's Military Mobility project; long backstory, significant moment

31:41 Foreign Office has partnership with BBC Monitoring in Solomon Islands: local journalists being trained in correct-think regarding China and Russia

36:27 Public Child Protection Wales takes Welsh Government to judicial review in Cardiff, supported by reporting from Liberty Tactics

37:54 Where to find blogs (commentary) on UK Column website, including Debi Evans' weekly blog


Continental discontent

39:15 Dutch farmers face expropriation: Moneycircus analysis of the oligarchs behind it

41:51 Dispersal policy: Dutch asylum minister Eric van der Burg tells parliamentarians he can oblige local councils to take their share—but can get away with using incentives instead

42:47 MHRA's Swiss counterpart faces criminal proceedings for alleged negligence

Summary of case against Swissmedic

Page with much documentation on the case

43:34 Request to viewers to analyse WHO European Region's new detailed guidance to governments on censorship ("infodemic management")

Brian Gerrish comment: Authors are revealing their heads are full of political applied psychology

45:53 UK Column articles updates: Charles Malet and Debi Evans have new pieces up, as well as retired surgeon Greg Hopkinson

Section 60 of the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act gives scope for non-crime "hate" to be logged by constabularies

Tim Norman's huge chronology of 4 March 2018 in Salisbury: The Day of the Skripal—this is what the British state actually believes happened!

Alex Thomson comment: Not "believing six impossible things before breakfast", but "believing ten impossible things before Sunday lunch"


MHRA: worst board meeting yet—insensitive, offensive, dangerous

51:47 Debi Evans introduces 15 November board meeting: exclusive full footage will be up on soon

52:29 MHRA board meeting ignores questions from several Covid vaccine-injured online attenders about safety and serious adverse reactions

"Are you realising the public are watching you?"

Unanswered question by Covid vaccine victim Charlet Crichton

Adam Rowland's unanswered questions

1:00:00 Clip: MHRA says it is difficult to present safety data to the public

Mike Robinson comment: This is sales patter

1:04:05 "Champagne on ice"—second clip from board meeting showcases the frivolity of MHRA Chief Technology Officer Claire Harrison

Wayne Cunnington’s blog on Substack about the whole MHRA board meeting bursting into laughter at a patient safety question 

Account of 15 November MHRA board meeting by Wayne Cunnington

Wayne Cunnington’s past article for UK Column

1:09:00 Tweets from the public show extent of rage against the MHRA

1:11:03 Portugal revising its constitution to allow medical martial law ("prophylactic detention") in Article 27.3; professor of Lisbon Law School is concerned—"Patience has its limits, and so does the Constitution"

Article in English on the same issue, revealing that even the dissident parliamentarians agree that there should be a provision for medical martial law


Dystopian life-sciences research

1:12:23 Organoids: "Pfizer is knee-deep in them"

1:17:11 Organs on chips; brains on chips

Source links are in Debi Evans' latest blog

1:20:04 And finally: Memes