Musician Brad Skistimas (Five Times August): Fighting for our children

David Scott talks with Brad Skistimas, better known as Five Times August: the artist who provided the us with the musical soundtrack to the Covid lockdown. His music has illuminated the state oppression and medical fascism that we have all lived through in the last three years.

Yet his output has not been limited to a critique of those in authority. Rather, Brad's work exposes some of the failures and weaknesses in our civilisation that have allowed tyranny the upper hand. His honest and plaintive lyrics both spotlight the complicity of those who have promoted fear and encourage the gallantry of those who instead stand for truth.

The discussion is built around discussion of five of Brad's songs:

Jesus... What Happened To Us?

God Help Us All

Anti-Fascist Blues

Sad Little Man

and the one that made the UK Column's Katy-jo cry:

Fight For You

In this wide-ranging and heartfelt discussion, Brad and David delve into the nature of the resistance to Covid tyranny, the spirit of the protests, and the joy to be found in the company of those seeking to preserve their liberty and humanity in the face of official suppression and deception.

Brad also discusses the underlying beliefs that give impetus to his music, including his responsibility to fight for his children—for their future.

We hope you will find this to be a warm discussion that reveals much about Brad's nature and character and gives an insight into how his personal qualities infuse his music with authenticity and courage.

To find out more about Brad's music, visit his website, Five Times August. His CD album Silent War is available to order there.