UK Column News - 20th May 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Georgia: Defending Democracy? The Pro-EU Young Cannot See The Wizard Behind The Curtain

01:50 Nick Griffin (Telegram): Every day brings a new blow to the Washington/Wall Street Empire

“Gaanate” (“Illuminate”), website of the Parliament of Georgia (via Google Translate): Bill made easy—Official Title: Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence

Reddit: Complete Explanation Of The Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence By An Analyst 

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP): Russia Intends to Exclude "Foreign Agents" from Elections

Politico: US could sanction Georgia politicians to ‘defend democracy’ 

Masteri (YouTube): Rap—Chemi droshaa jer (“It’s still my flag”)


Carnegie’s Disinformation Definition: “Intentionally-Provided Incorrect Information”

13:36 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Countering Disinformation: An Evidence-Based Policy Guide

CIA: Select Committee To Investigate: Foundations Final Report Of The Select Committee To Investigate Foundations And Other Organizations (PDF)

Conservapedia: Reece Committee (1950s)

Kevin Gallagher (YouTube): Norman Dodd On Tax-Exempt Foundations (1982)


BBC Propaganda: Powerful Mix of Hedge Funds, Big Business Politicians and Change Agents

23:34 BBC Sounds: Ukrainecast

Ben Hodges (on X): @general_ben

Ben Hodges (on X): 

Well done indeed. Unfortunate that the US had to do this. But full credit to U.S. Central Command and the US Army logisticians who have accomplished their mission.

Jessica Berlin (on X): Video

Russia needs to lose, and lose badly. That's what every dictator on the planet needs to see. Our ability or failure to stop and punish Russia's crimes in Ukraine will deter or encourage the aggression of dictatorships worldwide, and thereby determine the course of this century.

Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA): About CEPA

Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA): Leadership in Action: Six Priorities for the Transatlantic Alliance in 2024 


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UK Column interviews: Iurie Roșca, the Christian Optimist—Part 1 & Part 2

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Forthcoming UK Column interview: Micah Siegel: Too Cool For School—1pm, Tuesday 21 May

Brian Gerrish (YouTube): Walking the Dog Episode 4


Scottish Covid Inquiry: Bring The Noise

36:29 Bring The Noise Podcast (YouTube): Videos

Heather E. Heying (on X): 

"As democracy in the West recedes behind a curtain of shadow-banning, unelected experts, and a suite of mandatory ‘public health measures’ that can [not be] effectively challenged, a diverse, international resistance movement has emerged." begins this outstanding essay

UK Column content: The Paradigm Wars—Part 1: GloboCap meets Mass Formation

Biologyphenom (David Tait) on Substack: Scottish Covid–19 inquiry—feature-length highlights reel, Part 1

Biologyphenom: Scottish Covid–19 inquiry—feature-length highlights reel, Part 2

Download David Tait’s highligh reels: Uploadfiles (Until 12 June): Ultimate compilation, no music, 15 minute (MP4)

Uploadfiles (Until 12 June): Third Sector unions and care home managers ultimate compilation, 27 minutes (MP4)


Iranian President’s Death; Azerbaijan Gets Back At France Far Away Over Support For Armenia; Confederation in Sahel Under Russian Tutelage

40:20 Reuters: Iran's hardliner President Ebrahim Raisi killed in helicopter crash

Moneycircus (Telegram): 

Something smells off. The helicopter was one of three—so the nature of the crash and its location was known. Reaching it took time.

Mossad Commentary (on X): 

Unconfirmed reports of the assassination of the commander-in-chief of the Iranian police. Was shot 7 times.

Le Figaro (French): New Caledonia: [Interior Minister] Darmanin accuses Azerbaijan of interference in riots, Baku denounces “unfounded” accusations

Jurist: Junta-led Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger reaffirm commitment to create confederation

The Hindu: Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger finalise regional alliance project 

AfricaMediaTV (YouTube): Burkina Faso President Thomas Sankara—The Speech On Debt in Addis Abeba (Organisation of African Unity Summit): Part 1 | Part 2 (shortly before his 1987 assassination)


“No-One Is Safe Anywhere Until Everyone Is Safe Everywhere”: Got That?

49:07 UNHCR—The UN Refugee Agency: Statement: No-one is safe until everyone is safe

Gordon And Sarah Brown: Joint letter to leaders of WHO member states calling for an urgent agreement on a pandemic accord

Gordon Brown (on X): 

No one is safe anywhere until everyone is safe everywhere. 

The world needs agreement on the pandemic accord. 

LinkedIn: Mrigank Shail, MD

John Kerry's daughter pushing 'Climate and Health' Compact for UN

World Bank Blogs: Vanessa Kerry | Co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health


What Climate Alarmism Is Your Local Council Doing? 

54:37 Bude & Stratton Post: Bude school part of UK's first climate jury

UK Column search: Keyword: Democracy

UK:100 Newsletter (MailChimp): Friend, time is running out to have your say on our future 

WhatDoTheyKnow: Freedom of Information request by Alan Iveson: Behavioural Change Programmes

Local Government Association (2020): Using Behavioural Science to Support Communication Campaigns in North Yorkshire During the Coronavirus Crisis (PDF)

Western Telegraph: Sex education 'grooming' assurances sought at County Hall [Pembrokeshire]


Why Is King Charles Portrait So Satanic? Art Deliberately Denatured

1:00:57 Charisma Magazine: Satanic Claims Arise Over King Charles' Portrait

Colette Murphy (on X): Mirror image of King Charles' new self portrait

Jonathan Yeo: Biography

Wikipedia: Tim Yeo

The Register: Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

The National Gallery London: Rembrandt van Rijn—Self-Portrait at the Age of 34

MoMA (1994): Masterpieces from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection: Manet to Picasso

BBC (2018): Rembrandt's Night Watch to be restored in public


From UK Column News Extra

Politico: We won’t sell Ukraine down the river, insists UK defense chief

ZeroHedge: Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time, Pentagon Mulling