Iurie Roșca, the Christian Optimist—Part 2

In the first half of this interview, Iurie Roșca set out the stages in his life of anti-communist Christian dissidence, and subsequent anti-corruption campaigning in the early years of Moldovan independence, that made him a serious contender for the presidency of his country by 2009.

Now, Roșca recounts in fine detail how he withstood the American and European individuals who were insisting that he play along in making his country and its constitution conform to LGBT ideology. He takes the first quarter-hour of this second part of the interview to describe why he was made a political persona non grata by the Western media whose darling he had previously been (as set out in Part 1). 

He proceeds to give the reasons for his stubborn resistance of Russian military encroachment into the territory of the Republic of Moldova through the separatist region of Transnistria. Moldova's other ethnic-minority region with autonomy, Gagauzia in the south, threatened in the early 1990s to become another such frozen conflict, but Roșca describes towards the end of the interview how he had a role in avoiding in that region the bloodshed that plagued other former Soviet republics at the same time.

In an analysis that is at times similar to that of Dr Olsi Jazexhi of Albania, Roșca identifies Western-based reasons why south-eastern Europe is so impoverished, finding chief culprits in the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation, Bank for International Settlements and World Economic Forum.

The middle section of this second half of the interview includes Roșca's first-hand account from a senior American warhawk that Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the preferred candidate of US Republican strategists and City of London investors to replace Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation. This testimony is congruent with Alex Krainer's suppressed book, Grand Deception.

In closing, Roșca explains why he is not minded to flee Moldova even though he is facing charges of "peddling influence" that could see him jailed and has was until recently unlawfully excluded from entry by Romania.

Iurie Roșca writes at Arca lui Noe (Noah's Ark) and hosts the annual Chișinău Forum. His Telegram channel is multilingual. The first of his many books that will be (partly) in English, Chronicles of a Dissident under the New World Order, a collection of previously published articles, is due out in summer 2024.