Iurie Roșca, the Christian Optimist—Part 1

Iurie Roșca (whose name is also seen spelt as Youri Roshka) is an anti-globalist Eastern Orthodox Christian campaigner from the Republic of Moldova, Chairman of the People's University, a prolific author, the former translator into Romanian of the works of Alexander Dugin, and was—until he left national politics in 2009—a party leader, parliamentary deputy speaker and briefly Deputy Prime Minister. He remains an accomplished orator outside party politics and besides his native Romanian is fluent in Russian, French and English.

Roșca dubs himself a Christian optimist. In the first part of this two-part interview, recorded at his home, he describes his coming of age under Leonid Brezhnev, his instruction in Christian faith by his grandmother, the wartime assassination of his grandfather by Nazi-allied Ukrainian Banderites, his anti-communist activities as a student and young journalist, his standing up to a KGB threat to disappear his son, his hatred of Russification and state-mandated linguistic deception, his embrace of nationalism, his transition to anti-corruption Christian politics after Moldovan independence upon the breakup of the Soviet Union, his achievement of a constitutional amendment by unanimous vote in 1994 to affirm that a family is procreated by a man and a woman, and his becoming first an avid listener to and then a constant guest on Western anti-communist radio stations (Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, BBC World Service and the Voice of America).

The reasons for Roșca's fall from favour with his American and European patrons, and his account of how he responded to becoming an undesirable at the US State Department, the European Union, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and in Western European capitals, will be elaborated in the second part of this interview. In brief, as touched upon in this first part, Roșca refused to sponsor the Western-impelled legalisation of LGBT propaganda in his country, became a proponent of the (actually American- and British-originated) study of Christlike leadership and of having "a direct alliance with Jesus Christ" in affairs of state, had a growing conviction that the West was ruled by "arrogant, aggressive, violent" colonising forces as evil as those of Soviet communism, and insisted in his political career that the Republic of Moldova had its own national interest and was not merely a buffer state to be used against the Russian Federation. Roșca refused to allow either Moscow, Washington or Berlin to dictate policies to him and paid with his deposal in 2009.

Iurie Roșca writes at Arca lui Noe (Noah's Ark) and hosts the annual Chișinău Forum. His Telegram channel is multilingual. The first of his many books that will be (partly) in English, Chronicles of a Dissident under the New World Order, a collection of previously published articles, is due out in summer 2024.

Part 2 of this interview is here.