UK Column News - 1st November 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Jacqui Deevoy.

Jacqui Deevoy's fundraiser is here and she has a show with Unity News Network every Friday night on Rumble and DLive.


AI Safety Summit Raises Concerns

00:48 Reuters: Bletchley Park: Five facts about the UK's AI Safety Summit venue

GOV.UK: Iconic Bletchley Park to host UK AI Safety Summit in early November 

GOV.UK: Prime Minister's speech on AI: 26 October 2023

But like those waves, it also brings new dangers and new fears. So, the responsible thing for me to do—the right speech for me to make—is to address those fears head on…

Conservative Home: AI. The more I read about it, the more concerned I become

The Guardian: Elon Musk to attend Rishi Sunak’s AI safety summit in Bletchley Park

Sky News: Joe Biden to unveil sweeping AI regulations

UK Parliament: 25 October 2023—Governance of artificial intelligence (AI)

GOV.UK: AI to speed up lung cancer diagnosis deployed in NHS hospitals

GOV.UK: Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data

Now that we are living with Covid–19, we must keep this momentum going, and apply it to the long-term challenges ahead of us.

GOV.UK: How we are delivering innovation in health and social care services

Brainomix: Brainomix Receives FDA Clearance for Its Flagship Stroke AI Imaging Software

Stanford University: How AI can improve end-of-life care

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care: 120 Artificial intelligence in palliative care


Guest Jacqui Deevoy—A Good Death?

08:45 The Telegraph: Why I sprung my dad from his care home 

Jacqui Deevoy (on X):

This part of my first film—‘A Good Death?’—always gets to me, but it resonates even more after my experiences this week.

NICE Guideline: Covid–19 rapid guideline: managing symptoms (including at the end of life) in the community

The Exposé (YouTube): Matt Hancock confirming the mass purchase of Midazolam


BBC's Israel Gaza War Fest: Latest

18:30 BBC: More than 100 foreign nationals and injured leave Gaza as border finally opens

BBC: Gaza: Strike in Jabalia leaves massive crater

BBC: Strikes on south Gaza: BBC verifies attacks in areas of 'safety'

IDF Response ‘cannot provide any further information regarding these specific locations’

Citizen Free Press (Twitter): IDF spokesperson confirms that an Israeli strike hit the Jabalia refugee camp


Israel Security Service Releases Footage From Interrogations Of Terrorists

24:34 Jonathan Sacerdoti (YouTube): Interrogation video: Hamas terrorists admit brutal acts of murder against civilians


BBC 'Balances' Gaza Dead Against Israeli Military Operations

30:00 American Enterprise Institute: Critical Threats

Critical Threats: The Project

Critical Threats’ objective is to inform and educate policymakers, the intelligence and military communities, and all interested citizens who need to understand the nuance and scale of threats to America’s security.

BBC diverts attention from Israel's attacks on Gaza's civilians with new claims of Russian civilian attacks


National Crime Agency Makes Unprecedented Bungle With Spy Identity; European Arrest Warrant Not To Blame

33:14 Intel News: Ex-Russian spy can sue British government for revealing his identity, court rules

Goodreads: Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture by Ian Cobain

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UK Column interview: Ben Rubin dissects the Common Purpose agenda

UK Column article: What are we doing to our children?— Part 5: The ceaseless drive to sexualise young children

UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog: 31 October 2023


‘Researched From Around The World’—Where Does Your Data Go?

38:32 The Economist: The world's largest health-research study is under way in Britain

NHS Digital: How we invite people to join the Our Future Health research programme

Our Future Health (YouTube): Our Future Health – How will the research programme work?


Home Secretary Calls Supporting A Ceasefire In Gaza ‘Hate Marches’

45:40 Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): House slave Suella Braverman dismisses all pro-Palestine, anti-genocide marches as "anti-semitic hate marches"

The Guardian: Suella Braverman calls pro-Palestine demos ‘hate marches’


Dutch PM Has Been Working His Way Up

51:36 E-mail from UK Column to Tim Davie Director General BBC

Forum voor Democratie: American scenarios—Public Prosecution Service starts political trial against Gideon van Meijeren

UK Column series: A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution

SCMP: Dutch PM Mark Rutte signals interest in Nato’s top job

Eva Vlaardingerbroek (on X): 

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced he is available for the position of Secretary General at NATO.


Get Your MHRA Not Fit For Purpose T-Shirt For #MedSafetyWeek

58:58 GOV.UK: MHRA Board Meetings in 2023: Tuesday 21 November 2023

MHRA: #MedSafetyWeek 2023 (6-12 November)

UK Column Shop: MHRA Not Fit For Purpose T-shirt