UK Column News - 1st May 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Matt Hancock In The News Again: Thou Shalt Not Kill

00:20 The Independent: What would Dignitas assisted dying law mean for relatives?

Matt Hancock (on X):

For 50 years we've had a legal choice over who to love, for a decade we've had a legal choice over who we can marry. The time has come for Parliament to vote on changing the law to allow assisted dying, to help prevent terminally ill people from suffering very painful deaths.

Rustler (on X): 

You were responsible for a live trial of this back in Spring 2020, when the UK had 50,000 excess deaths during lockdown. Caused not by ‘Covid’ but by the Covid response and treatment protocols. DNR. NG163. Midazolam #Malfeasance

Right To Life (2022): Matt Hancock to make documentary on assisted suicide

Care Not Killing: About Care Not Killing

Evening Standard (2021): Matt Hancock calls for more data on end-of-life care and assisted dying

Dying Well: The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dying Well promotes access to excellent care at the end of life and stands against the legalisation of assisted suicide

Matt Hancock has endorsed the idea of setting up a "What Works" centre to gather evidence on the quality of palliative care in the UK and inform debate around assisted dying.

What Works Wellbeing: Centres: A What Works Centre is a bridge between knowledge and action

GOV.UK: Policy paper: The What Works Network Strategy 

UK Gov Publishing Service (2023): What Works Network Strategy: Evaluation Task Force (PDF)

UnHerd (2022): Matt Hancock is wrong about euthanasia

Matt Hancock (on X): 

Fantastic to see personalised cancer treatment available on the NHS—using the mRNA vaccine technology that saved so many lives during Covid. I hope one day we will look back and say this moment was a turning point in the battle against cancer. 

BBC: British man tests first personalised melanoma vaccine

BBC (2020): Assisted dying travel allowed during lockdown, says Hancock


Data Protection Provided By The Government?

13:31 GOV.UK: The King's Speech 2023

  • Criminal Justice Bill
  • Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill
  • Renters (Reform) Bill
  • Automated Vehicles Bill
  • Data Protection and
  • Media Bill

Silkie Carlo (on X): 

David Davis has today warned that the government’s new bank snooper’s charter would “erode financial privacy like never before in our country” and must be dropped. How much longer will you attempt to defend the indefensible 

Express: Pensioners at risk of snooping by officials under Orwellian new law, warns David Davis

GOV.UK (2023): FAQs on government digital identity consultation response

Financial Times (2022): UK government data breach for millions of children ruled unlawful

UK Parliament: Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

National Institutes of Health (NIH 2018): United Kingdom: transfers of genomic data to third countries


Different Continent, Same Game: Digital Identity

19:20 Citizenship Rights in Africa Initiative: Is it time for an integrated African digital identity?

Kenya News Agency: CS Owalo advocates for an integrated African digital identity

Market Access Map: A.1. What is the AfCFTA?

Communications Authority of Kenya: Kenya Wins Bid to Host 2024 Transform Africa Summit

International Identity Day: The Identity Day (ID Day) Campaign seeks worldwide recognition of 16 September as Identity Day to highlight the importance of having proof of identity

ID4Africa: Founded in 2014, ID4Africa is a Pan-African Movement that assists African nations in building the strategic capacity needed for robust and responsible identity ecosystems

Children’s Health Defense (on X): Bill Gates Pushes Digital ID for Newborns in Kenya 

Maisha Namba is a biometric system that will replace birth certificates + track children from birth to 5 years of age ... to ensure children receive vaccines. — Dr. Wahome Ngare

Business Daily: Gates foundation to advise on Maisha Namba rollout

Thales: Trusted Digital Identity by Thales

GOV.UK (2018): Gemalto awarded the new passport contract


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If You Vote, Think Independent 

29:08 Council Watch (Colchester & Countrywide) (Odysee): Big BBC backfire? BBC vs Mathew Randolph

Matt Randolph: Vote Matt Randolph for Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner 

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Israel-Gaza War: Are UK And US Planning To Gain Military Footprints In The Middle East?

33:33 Independent: UK troops could be sent to Gaza to help deliver aid

Sky News (YouTube): Could British troops be deployed to deliver aid in Gaza?

Middle East Eye: Israel planning ring of checkpoints to prevent men from fleeing Rafah, source says


Ongoing Cost Concerns For UK Holocaust Memorial (There Is Already One Anyway)

39:42 GOV.UK: UK Holocaust Memorial moves a step closer

Imperial War Museums: The Holocaust Galleries

Jewish News: MPs issue warning on Holocaust memorial project’s rising costs and security

UK Parliament: Holocaust Memorial Bill Select Committee—Summary


Investigatory Powers: What Is The Snooper's Charter All About?

42:19 Legislation: Investigatory Powers Act 2016

GOV.UK: Speech: Chief of the Defence Chatham House Security and Defence Conference 2024 keynote speech 

The House of Commons Library: Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill [HL]

GOV.UK: Consultation outcome: Consultation on revised notices regimes in the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (accessible version) 

Internet Society (2022): End-to-end Encryption under the UK's Draft Online Safety Bill

National Crime Agency (2018): National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime 2018 (PDF)

National Crime Agency: Joint Declaration of the European Police Chiefs

NWG Network: Joint Declaration of the European Police Chiefs April 2024

Mullvad VPN: Free the internet


Nature Recovery, For Sustainable Farming

50:56 GOV.UK: A high five for everyone driving Nature recovery—but we must not rest on our laurels

UK Column interview: No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King (Part 3)

UK Parliament: Hansard: Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Designation)

There is the risk that farming businesses will become unsustainable, which will impact on the rural economy and food security, while no meaningful benefit to the environment is delivered. Farmers are already selling their businesses.

GOV.UK: The Nature Recovery Network

GOV.UK: Agricultural land use in England at 1 June 2023

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (ADHB): Additional income streams—what natural capital and government schemes are available to you?

BNG is mandatory for all new developments regardless of whether this improvement is seen on or off-site.


Online Safety Update And Media Literacy Update

56:29 Information Commissioner's Office (ICO): Online safety and data protection—A joint statement by Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office

Ofcom: Consultation: Ofcom's three-year media literacy strategy

GOV.UK: Speech: Prime Minister's keynote speech at the Society of Editors 25th Anniversary Conference: 30 April 2024 

Financial Times: The Financial Times and OpenAI strike content licensing deal (Archived)