UK Column News - 18th March 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


West In Meltdown As Putin Takes 88% Of The Vote

00:30 Politico: Meet the Russian women taking on Putin

WION (YouTube): Putin LIVE: Russian President Vladimir Putin gives fiery speech after winning Presidential election

Interview on the extent of Putin’s power: Iurie Roșca on Freepolitik

Forces Network: Defence Secretary forced to abandon Odesa trip due to security concerns 

Grant Shapps:

What the hell is he [Putin] doing, and why the heck would the West allow him to do that kind of thing?

Brian Gerrish comments: 

Reality: Russia’s missile strike the day before destroyed a significant number of Western military advisors, including French specialists responsible for operating and targeting weapons systems in Ukraine. 

NATO: NATO's approach to space

Grant Shapps (on X): 

16,000 British Army troops are deploying across Europe to deter aggression against our NATO allies. We should never take for granted the debt we owe them, including those I met in Poland today, for keeping us safe from the growing threats of a contested world.

Image: Ukrainian women now battlefield casualties

Al Mayadeen English (YouTube):  Thousands rally in Paris against NATO's military backing of Ukraine 

Mirror: Grant Shapps' 'cringe' rail ad mocked as scathing social media users call him a 'moron'

The People’s Lawyer Channel (Telegram):

The dam is! Dutch official was shut up by the EU parliament for exposing corrupt Ukraine politicians, child trafficking and pedophilia!


50th Anniversary: CFR’s “Hard Road to World Order” by “End-Run Around National Sovereignty”

12:43 Foreign Affairs (1974): The Hard Road to World Order

Foreign Affairs: Who's Afraid of Freedom? The Fight for Liberalism's Future


Aargau’s Goons Strike Again: Martin Sellner Expelled

17:43 Martin Sellner (Telegram): 

Today the police in the Kanton of Aargau, Switzerland stormed a speech, turned off the electricity, handcuffed me and performed a push back. I am not allowed to enter Aargau for 2 months. 

Martin Sellner (on X):

I will challenge this the decision. This is the document they gave my befor deporting me out of their state, they said my book presentation was threatening the "public order and security".

Elon Musk (on X): 

Is this legal?

UK Column interview (2023): Dr Thomas Binder—Corona Insanity: A remarkable story from a remarkable doctor

Laura Towler (Telegram): 

Good morning to everybody, especially Michael Gove.

(Picture shows Google Trend spike in searches for “Patriotic Alternative”)


Mark Anderson Reports On US Migrant Trafficking: Big Day For Texas

26:24 Office of the Texas Governor: Texas Transports Over 105,000 Migrants To Sanctuary Cities

Greg Abbott (on X): 

Texas has transported over 105,000 migrants to sanctuary cities:

Over 12,500 to DC Over 39,300 to NYC Over 32,300 to Chicago Over 3,400 to Philadelphia Over 16,700 to Denver Over 1,500 to LA Until Biden does his job to secure the border, Texas will continue to hold the line.

New York Post: Biden admin sets target to deport less migrants in 2025

ACLU of Texas: Know Your Rights Under Texas' Deportation Scheme SB4


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Broken Councils Going Bust—Money Spent On Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

34:39 BBC: Vital services or financial ruin? England's town hall dilemma

GOV.UK: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods research report

BBC: LTNs: Councils told to consider residents' views under new guidance

The Guardian (2010): Tory MP calls for local government planning to be replaced by 'chaos'

GOV.UK (2010): Queen's speech forum—Eric Pickles

We are going to shake up the balance of power in this country. We are going to change the nature of the constitution. Be in no doubt about our commitment to localism. I know I look like an unlikely revolutionary, but the revolution starts here.

UK Parliament (2013): The impact and effectiveness of ministerial reshuffles

LabourList (2010): David Miliband unveils his 'movement for change'

The Guardian (2010): David Miliband follows Barack Obama's lead on community organisation

UK Parliament (2011): The Big Society—Hansard

Wikipedia: Book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky


Voting: The Missing Constitutional Right In America’s Teetering Democracy

46:05 The Missing Constitutional Right: Upcoming virtual event: Brennan Center for Justice—Wednesday 20 March 2024, 3:00 pm EST

NYU: John Brademas Center


We’ve Seen ‘Prevent’ In The UK; Here Is Germany’s ‘Prevent’

50:02 Kontrafunk Radio (German): The Sunday round with Burkhard Müller-Ullrich: Smurfs of interest to Homeland Security

Remix News: German teen pulled out of classroom and questioned by police for TikTok post stating Germany is her home

ABC News: 6 eighth graders face criminal charges over 'hateful and racist' online chat: District Attorney

Littoria (Substack): Activist Prosecutors Keep Criminally Charging Children For "Hate Speech" 

Reactionary Feminist (Substack): Ireland says NO to abolishing mothers

David Vance Substack (Substack): Ireland says NO to the Satanists!

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James Roguski (Substack): It's Time to Yell at the Office of Global Affairs