No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King (Part 2)

Part 1 of this discussion is here.


King Charles III is the Green King and the Man for All Seasons. Building upon excellent relations with the Pope and world faith groups, he is also the instigator of the World Economic Forum’s Build Back Better initiative and a staunch supporter of the Great Reset. 

Quietly, and largely unseen, he has created a web of charities, public-private partnerships, faith groups and big finance that puts nature first and people second. Apparently uninterested in the welfare of his subjects, he majors on global value creation, and that means big money and nothing else.

With—and largely without—our support, this highly privileged and unaccountable man is hellbent on transforming the world. From climate change through sustainable goals to rewilding the earth, the Green King is creating all things new; but for whom, and for whose benefit? The answer seems to be, for the benefit of the immensely wealthy world elite. Their agenda is Brave New World for them and 1984 for the rest of us. 

The Green King believes that accountants can save the world, aided by sustainable finance and the sustainable markets initiative. In fact, he’s so sold on the notion of global value creation saving the world that he’s giving it his blessing under his Terra Carta seal.


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