UK Column News - 29th January 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


War Fever Against Russia Reaches Australia; Floppy Rifles In Germany

00:42 Sky News (Australia): Are we ready for an all-out war with Russia? Australia must consider mandating national service to build our trained reserve ‘while we still have time’

Dagbladet: “We're running out of time”: Norway only has a few years to build up a defense that can better meet an aggressive Russia, says Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen

Military News: Marines Can't Count on Navy Ships to Carry Them to Global Emergencies, One of the Service's Top Generals Says (Archived)

Athens News: Blinken offered Mitsotakis $200 million to send weapons to Ukraine, the prime minister agreed

Kathimerini (Greek): F-35: What capabilities it "unlocks" for the Armed Forces

Spiegel (German): Court of Auditors criticizes firing tests for new assault rifle

ZDFheute (German): New Bundeswehr rifle may not be suitable

The Constitution Unit Blog: How might Keir Starmer codify his Prevention of Military Intervention Act?

Weston A. Price Foundation, London Chapter (on X): 

ConUnitUCL & Keir Starmer should know that the Crown already has no prerogative to engage in war to defend places not belonging to it without consent of UK Parliament, see 1700 Act of Settlement. No new legislation is required, as set out in my article.

UK Column article: War Powers: Is the UK a Military Dictatorship or is it a Legal Limited Monarchy?

Morgoth’s Review (Substack): Conscription?

Foreign Affairs: The Next Global War


Weapons Of Mass Distraction As Warmongering Global Leaders Panic, A Decade After Destroying British Military

10:44 The Guardian: Fresh US/UK airstrikes ‘send clear message’ to Houthis, says Cameron

The British Army (2023): Army chief sets out plan for next generation of war fighters

Sky News: Sean Bell: RAF jets flying 3,000 miles for Houthi strikes as flagship aircraft carriers remain in UK—here's why

Daily Mail: Aircraft carrier fiasco as the UK REFUSES to deploy either of its £3.5bn warships to help tackle Yemen's Houthis: RAF jets are forced to fly 3,000-mile sorties while vessels are anchored in Portsmouth

Daily Mail (2016): Army fitness tests to be re-written to make sure female soldiers can qualify for front line duty

Coursera: Ethical Hacker Salary (2024): What You'll Make and Why

Forces Network (2016): MoD Announces £140 Million Land Sell-Off 

Daily Mail (2013): "I'm going to recruit an army of two million to save our lost generation": Charles' revolutionary initiative announced in Mail on Sunday

The Guardian (2014): A revolutionary communist could lead Ofsted, says Michael Gove

The Telegraph: Why it may already be too late for the West to avoid war 

Daily Mail: PETER HITCHENS: If we don't want death, blackouts, and busybodies in every corner of our lives, end this brainless march to war


AI, State Surveillance And War Games

25:55 World Economic Forum: Young Global Leaders' insights on artificial intelligence

World Economic Forum: Open Forum: A Primer on AI

Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs: Testimony of Alexandra Reeve Givens (PDF)

IMDb: WarGames (1983)—Plot

SXSW: South by Southwest Conference & Festivals | March 8-16, 2024


Updates And Announcements 

32:48 Forthcoming UK Column Interview: Gutsy Women: Moira Dundee—Tuesday 30 January at 1 pm

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Oxford Mail: Former MP wannabe is victim of Oxford council's IT mix-up

GoFundMe: Santander v. Carlin—URGENT FUNDING REQUIRED

UK Column Community Groups: Cornwall Group: Calling all men and women of Kernow, whether you were born here or drawn here. Something's 'just not right' but haven't been able to answer the question 'what can I do?' Then come along to a launch meeting held on Sunday 4 February, 2–4 pm at St Austell Rugby Football Club, PL26 7FE


Immigration: Costly And Unmentionable

36:52 Die Fackel 2.0 (Substack): Dutch Researchers Reveal the True Cost of Mass Immigration

Research Gate: Borderless Borderless Welfare State: The Consequences of Immigration for Public Finances

Les Echos (French): The Constitutional Council censors a large part of the immigration law

Les Echos (French): Immigration law: LR and RN now demand a constitutional revision

Tagesschau (German): Le Pen threatens AfD with end of EU parliamentary group

BFMTV (YouTube): L'intégralité des vœux à la presse de Marine Le Pen (Full press statement by Marine Le Pen)

Der Spiegel (German): The end of patience with the AfD

Correctiv (German): Secret plan against Germany

Spiegel (German): Tens of thousands demonstrate against the AfD

Spiegel (German): Actually, Germany is well governed (Susanne Beyer)

Stefan Homburg (on X): Nothing new either: the good guys threaten physical or social murder

Reitschuster (German): Anyone who sings the national anthem is now apparently also a Nazi

Reitschuster (YouTube): Our national anthem is now apparently also Nazi—strictly forbidden at “demonstrations against the right”

Ostsee Zeitung (German): Stralsund teacher causes incident at demonstration: This is what he says about it

Eugyppius: a plague chronicle (Substack): Did German domestic intelligence services collaborate with Correctiv journalists to smear Alternative für Deutschland and incite the current wave of protests "against the right"? 

Tichys Einblick (German): Correctiv: With state aid and billionaire money “for society”

Martin Sellner: Einreiseverbot? (Entry ban?)

Eugyppius: a plague chronicle (Substack): Resistance Is Not Futile


Problems With Immigration On Steroids: 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development

45:33 Henry Cuellar (American attorney and politician): Press Release: Rep. Cuellar and Colleagues Visit Mexico on Bipartisan Congressional Delegation

I have long said that the United States cannot continue playing defense on the 1-yard line known as the US-Mexico border.

International Organization for Migration: Migration and the 2030 Agenda (PDF)

In September 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The New York Times: New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections

The Eagle Online: Non-citizens will be able to vote in DC starting next year

Take Our Border Back: Take our border back convoy, peaceful assembly & prayer


No Money—Unless For War

52:50 Motor Cycle News: No hope for fast fixes on potholed UK roads

ITV: Why won't Treasury fund £1000 nurses payment?

The Guardian (2022): 90% of schools in England will run out of money next year, heads warn

The Guardian: At least 26 English councils ‘at risk of bankruptcy in next two years’

World Bank: World Bank’s New $1.5 Billion Loan to Ukraine Will Provide Relief to Households, Mitigate Impacts of Russia’s Invasion

House of Commons Library: Military assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion

The UK is one of the leading donors to Ukraine, alongside the US and Germany. The UK has pledged almost £12 billion in overall support to Ukraine since February 2022.


Canadian Emergencies Act And Supranational Overreach

56:21 National Post: Christine Van Geyn: Emergencies Act was clearly unjustified—Liberals face steep path to appeal

True North: Federal Court declares Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act unconstitutional

InfoBAE (Spanish): Paraguay will host the next Mercosur meeting, which will have an agreement with the EU at the heart of the agenda

European Parliament: Report on European historical consciousness—2023/2112(INI) (A9–0402/2023)

Reclaim The Net: EU Votes on Resolution To List “Hate Speech” as a Crime

Brussels Signal: The EU’s hate-speech bill is not simply about being tough on prejudice. But it is a crackdown on dissent and a restriction on democracy

European Centre for Law and Justice: Conflicts of Interest Between Judges and NGOs: the ECHR Finally Establishes a Recusal Procedure

Reuters: Brussels threatens to hit Hungary's economy if Orbán vetoes Ukraine aid—FT

Thomas Sheridan (Substack): Overheard in Conversation