UK Column News - 15th April 2024

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Israel-Iran Long Segment

00:20 Financial Times: The night Iran's missile spectacle rattled Israel

Al Mayadeen English: IRGC launches 'unprecedented' retaliatory attack on 'Israel'

The Telegraph: Rishi Sunak condemns Iran's 'reckless' drone attack and says UK stands with Israel

Evening Standard (YouTube): Sunak condemns Iran’s ‘reckless attack’ on Israel in ‘strongest terms’ as RAF jets shoot down drones

US Embassy: Statement from President Joe Biden on Iran's Attacks against the State of Israel

Islamic World News: Operation True Promise; Which Of The Israeli Bases Targeted In The Retaliatory Missile And Drone Attack By Iran?

The Times of Israel: IDF: 99% of the 300 or so projectiles fired by Iran at Israel overnight were intercepted

Press TV: All hypersonic missiles used in Iran's strikes against Israel hit targets 

Middle East Monitor: Countering Iran's overnight attack costs Israel $1.35bn

The Times of Israel: Young girl seriously hurt in Iran attack remains in life-threatening condition

BBC: Israel on high alert after unprecedented Iranian attack

The Times: Iran missile attack was 'total failure', says Lord Cameron

TASS: Iran sent 185 drones, 36 cruise missiles towards Israel

King's College London: Professor Michael Clarke

Daily Mail: ANDREW NEIL: If 300 missiles and drones hit Britain, would we be sitting on our hands? Israel has a right to retaliate... and loose talk about World War III is designed to intimidate it into doing nothing

As we saw with the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands all those years ago, there would be an overwhelming national demand for a robust response to show we cannot be attacked with impunity […]

The Falkland Islands Association: Argentina: Military Support From Israel in 1982

The Telegraph (2016): Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files


Mahyar Tousi, The Shirion Collective And Israel’s Unit 8200

37:28 Mahyar Tousi (on X): 

The shocking level of damage after Iran’s attack last night 

[image of a solitary fallen garden chair]

Shirion Collective (on X): Surveillance Network

The Guardian: Pro-Israel ‘surveillance’ group turning attention to Australia, leaked posts show

The Independent: GCHQ's 'spook first' programme to train Britain's most talented tech entrepreneurs

Financial Times: Unit 8200: Israel's cyber spy agency


Policy Exchange: Tehran Calling

42:45 Policy Exchange: Tehran Calling

The United Kingdom has now experienced over three decades of Iranian influence and power projection within its borders: from the Rushdie fatwa in 1989, the 2022 cinema protests against the ‘blasphemous’ Lady of Heaven movie, to the current threats to Iranian dissidents and journalists based in the United Kingdom.

Amnesty UK: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Monique Villa (LinkedIn, 2017): My statement on the new charges against Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Consortium News (2021): Reuters, BBC in Covert UK Program to Push Western Agenda

UK Column article: BBC Media Action: Subversion From Broadcasting House To Kazakhstan

MI5: Threat of subversion

MI5: Counter State Threats

TRT World Now (YouTube): Julian Assange on Afghan war in a 2011 video

The goal is an endless war, not a successful war


Updates And Announcements

52:05 Event: What actually is 5G? A talk on the pros and cons of 5G and the implications of AI by Ian Jarvis, IT and Systems Analyst Specialist. Location: St. Luke's, 61 Aylsham Road, Norwich NR3 2HF—Date: Saturday April 20th Time: 2pm to 5pm Contact:

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UK Column interview: Conformity Colleges: the Occupation and Destruction of the Academy by the Radical Left—Prof. David Barnhizer

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UK Column discussion: No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King (Part 4)

UK Column content: Debi Evans Blog: 11th April 2024

Film showing on UK Column: Playing God: An Investigation Into Medical Democide In The UK—Première: 2 pm, Monday 22 April 2024

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The Fornethy Survivors’ Battle Continues With New Committee Hearing On 17 April 2024 Concerning Redress

53:42 Thompsons Solicitors Scotland (on X): 

Thompsons Solicitors came out today to support the survivors of historic sexual abuse at Fornethy House. We really wanted their protest against Glasgow City Council to be heard and will continue the fight for answers.

Crowdfunder UK: Fornethy Survivors’ Group—Campaign for Justice


What Is Palliative Care ‘Currency’?

55:54 Film showing on UK Column: Playing God: An Investigation Into Medical Democide In The UK—Première: 2 pm, Monday 22 April 2024

National Review: Normalizing Assisted Suicide Will Lead to a Duty to Die

GOV.UK (2011): Creating a Fair and Transparent Funding System; the Final Report of the Palliative Care Funding Review

NHS England: Developing a new approach to Palliative Care Funding

eHospice (2014): Have your say in developing a palliative care 'currency'


And Finally: A Simple Request For Analysis To Help Public Safety

59:53 Andrew Bridgen MP (On X): 

Yesterday, all MPs and Peers received a summary of the NHS’ own data, which indicates huge increases in illness from Spring 2021 following the experimental Covid–19 vaccine rollout. 

None of them can now say they didn’t know or were not told. It’s all in the NHS data itself.

Steve Kirsch's newsletter (Substack): UK ONS denies request from 7 MPs by claiming that the vaccines are safe so there is no need to do any analysis that might show otherwise