No Smoke Without Fire: The Green King (Part 4)

Lighting the fuse once again, Brian Gerrish and Debi Evans continue their voyage of discovery to find out who King Charles III thinks he is, how much power the monarch holds and where he is taking the world.

Whilst many are busy watching the machinations of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, United Nations et al., there is another large organisation many may have missed, and that is the Commonwealth. It is a vast geographic and economic powerhouse made up of 56 member countries and it is home to 2½ billion people, some two thirds of whom are young people. The Green King sees his Commonwealth empire as working for a common agenda towards prosperity, democracy and peace. The Green King hails the “extraordinary potential of the Commonwealth”. But what does that ‘potential’ look like in 2024? Could there be a super-Commonwealth emerging, in plain sight? 

Join Brian and Debi as they delve a bit deeper to reveal how King Charles is assembling his new Commonwealth nation, with its powerful army of young people acting as global change agents striving to bring about his personal view of the world and of spirituality. Indeed, this arrogant Green King is happy to be cast as Saviour of the World; a winged angel on a mountain of skulls.  

In the next episode of No Smoke without Fire—The Green King, Debi and Brian will explore the people, friends, family and advisors surrounding the King.