UK Column News - 13th May 2024

Brian Gerrish, Charles Malet, Mark Anderson  and Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.


Defence Intelligence—Or Propaganda For War Support?

00:52 Ministry of Defence (on X): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—13 May 2024

Ministry of Defence (on X): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—10 May 2024

GOV.UK: Defence Intelligence ISC Annual Report 2022–2023 Press Release (PDF)

The British Army: Exercise Steadfast Defender 24

Chatham House: The UK should not rule out sending troops to Ukraine—despite Putin’s nuclear threats


MPs Briefed: Any Critical Analysis of Policy = Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

08:20 Antisemitism Policy Trust: CONSPIRACY THEORIES (PDF)

Institute for Strategic Dialogue: Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates

The Guardian: What conspiracy theories are UK MPs being told to look out for?

Matthew Sweet (on X):

It shows something about the strangely touching faith that conspiracy theorists have in the power of institutions. And the desire to see patterns that don't exist. Which, as so often, end up with fantasies about secret Jewish power.

Global Network on Extremism and Technology: (GNET) is the academic research arm of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) and aims to better understand the ways in which terrorists use technology.

TellMAMA: Report in Anti-Muslim Hate or Islamophobia

UK Column search: Keyword: Fullfact

Policy Commons: ISD: Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Arieh Kovler (on X): 

Hey that's my name on the cover! I was proud to contribute a chapter on global control conspiracy theories and the Great Reset to this guide.

Resistance GB (YouTube): Raw Milk Conspiracy - Miss Information Whore (EP Available For Download 27th May)


Bilderberg 2024 in Spain

19:37 Nya Tider: Disclosure by Nya Tider: Time and place for Bilderberg 2024

The Nordic Times: 2024 Bilderberg meeting to be held in Madrid

American Free Press: Bilderberg 2024 Found: Spain

Wikispooks: Covid–19/Perpetrators/Bilderberg


John Swinney Seems To Be Pulling Back From Fornethy Survivors' Redress Scheme Access

27:47 The Scottish Government: Redress scheme payments

Scottish Parliament Website: Redress for Survivors (Historical Child Abuse in Care) (Scotland) Bill


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UK Column interview: J. Michael Waller discusses his book Big Intel: How the CIA and FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains

Forthcoming UK Column interview: The Christian Optimist: Iurie Roșca—Tuesday 14th May at 1 pm

Event: Western Empire and The Great Reset: Saturday 11th May 10:30 am—The Steyning Centre, Fletcher's Croft, Steyning, Sussex

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Forthcoming UK Column Symposium (In Honour of the Late Graeme MacQueen): From 'National Security' to Biosecurity: Global Power Dynamics and the Erosion of Freedom in the 21st Century–Sunday, May 19, 2024, 1:00-3:00 PM EDT


Water Security And The World Economic Forum

36:30 Office for Environmental Protection: OEP finds 'deeply concerning' issues with how the laws in place to protect England's rivers, lakes and coastal waters are being put into practice

GOV.UK: Plan for Water: our integrated plan for delivering clean and plentiful water 

GOV.UK: National Drought Group meets after record wet October to March 

The World Economic Forum (WEF): Communities—Global Water Initiative

Portsmouth Water: A New Reservoir in the South East

Anglian Water: Bold new vision unveiled for proposed reservoir in the Fens, ahead of second phase consultation launch

Yorkshire Water: New £8.5m service reservoir project underway in Harton

GOV.UK: Record number of new bathing sites get the go ahead

The Telegraph: Polluted water-related hospital admissions up 60pc in decade

New Civil Engineer: Environment Agency appoints consultants to £70 million framework for mapping climate event data


Pushback Against The WHO Power Grab Seems to Be Working

43:20 World Health Organization (WHO): Governments agree to continue their steady progress on proposed pandemic agreement ahead of the World Health Assembly

James Roguski (Substack): Exposing MDM (Mis-Information, Dis-Information and Mal-Information)


Poor Show At The Scottish Covid Inquiry

48:13 BBC: Scottish Covid inquiry: Public asked to share experiences of pandemic

Biologyphenom’s Substack: Scottish Covid–19 inquiry Impact hearing| Health and social care—9 May 2024 (morning session)

Biologyphenom’s Substack: Scottish Covid–19 inquiry Impact hearing | Health and social care—24 November 2023 (morning session) Part 2

The doctors were lying to me on a daily basis, nurses were lying to me on a daily basis… Everything that was in my brother's notes was different to what I was being told on a daily basis

UK Column interview: Gutsy Women: Moira Dundee


Starlink: Enabling The Right Kind Of War?

55:01 Vatican News: Head of NASA, Bill Nelson, on Vatican Observatory's work to explore the heavens

NASA: NASA Administrator to Engage Officials in Italy, Vatican, Saudi Arabia

Vatican Observatory: Mission:

The Vatican Observatory is an institution established by the Holy See for astronomical research and public outreach to advance the scientific understanding of our universe.

UN Geneva: General Assembly debates Russia’s veto of space arms race resolution

The House of Commons Library: The militarisation of space

SpaceX: Secured Satellite Network For Government Entities

GOV.UK (2020): UK government secures satellite network OneWeb

Starlink: High-speed Internet Around The World


Summer Camp For Big Business Deals

59:39 Fortune (via Yahoo!): Inside the yearly ‘summer camp for billionaires’ for Silicon Valley execs and media bigwigs, hosted by one of Wall Street’s most exclusive firms

Observer: What We Know About the Ultra-Private Sun Valley Conference Host