J. Michael Waller discusses his book Big Intel: How the CIA and FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains

As the considered reviews of J. Michael Waller’s book Big Intel suggest, we are today seeing a picture of neo-Marxist cultural destruction rapidly emerging in the US and elsewhere in the West, proceeding apace with its seductive and immensely destructive neo-Freudian paradigm of sexual assault on traditional values. Surprisingly, or perhaps unbelievably, both the CIA and FBI have failed to detect and defend America against this attack.

Moreover, the spies' critical failure comes despite detailed and accurate warnings by the likes of key defector Yuri Bezmenov, who exposed and lectured publicly on this very threat. Just as appallingly, the key US intelligence agencies appear(ed) oblivious to this insidious attack on their own values, structures and efficacy.

As the interview with J. Michael Waller and Brian Gerrish deepens, it appears that the US agencies are not alone, and that—strangely—the same blindness and weaknesses appear to affect British and European society, politics and intelligence agencies. Amongst many questions posed, we ask: Just how can the destructive teachings of Lucifer-dedicated radical Saul Alinsky appear alongside US President Obama, the British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, and the UK’s Labour Party?

The Christopher Story dialogues referred to in this interview are:

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